Wedding Gift Do’s and Don’ts


A wedding is an exciting event regardless of your level of involvement! Even being a guest fills you with palpable excitement the day of the ceremony. There are many aspects of being a guest at a wedding, and some of those include being there as a pillar of support, finding a snazzy new outfit, dancing the night away, and of course…bringing a gift!

There are various avenues for finding a great wedding gift to give to the newlyweds…but don’t you want to go above and beyond to be remembered as a guest who truly “gets” the couple? Plus, there might be some simple facts you might be overlooking, such as the fact that it’s customary to send a gift when you’re invited to a wedding, regardless if you actually attend or if you’ve already given one during the bridal shower.

If you’re looking to give the blushing bride and proud groom a great gift, be sure to read on for more of our tips!

It’s usually a wise idea to stick to the registry that the couple has provided for you. The newlyweds have often spent a lot of time putting together and organizing the things they’d like to receive at their wedding, and it’s generally not a good idea to deviate from this unless you happen to be close to the bride or groom.

However, cash is always another great option when there isn’t a registry offered, and there are tons of unique ways to present that when it’s time for you to give the gift. Consider pressing it into a reusable frame for the couple, or practice some origami…it will be a pleasant surprise for the couple!

If you’re buying an item that’s large or heavy, it’s a great idea to get the gift shipped to their home instead of going through the trouble of bringing it to the ceremony. Transporting these gifts from the wedding can definitely be a hassle, as the wedding party or family is often responsible for cleaning up and getting the gifts to the home.

There are some myths out there that should definitely be addressed when it comes to gift giving at weddings. For example, it’s not true that you can wait up to a year to send a gift for the wedding. Think about it…a lot can happen in a year!

Babies can be born, houses could be switched…it’s better to send the gift as soon as possible so you don’t seem rude. The amount of money that you spend is dependent upon how tight knit your relationship is to the couple that’s getting married, as you’ll obviously shell a little more out to those that you’re close to.

While you might think that it’s a good idea to give out a gift card to a specific spot, it’s actually a better idea to let the couple choose and prioritize what they’d like to do with the money.

Keeping these tips in mind, you’re sure to deliver a gift that reflects your warmth and affection towards the new couple. A wedding is a special time in everybody’s life, and you should be proud to have taken part in such a vital event.

The only thing that is left to do is go pick out your wrapping paper and enjoy the celebration to the fullest along side your family and friends.