Top 5 Vintage Christmas Decorations For 2017

Vintage Christmas Decorations

We have just a few months to go before Christmas, so it is important to be prepared and ensure that everything is in order. Decorations play a significant role in many homes during the Xmas holidays.

So much that in many locations around the world it has become a tradition to decorate the surroundings in favor of the joyous Christmas spirit.

Although the list of different Xmas decorations available might be endless, we’ll focus on a few timeless vintage products that come in the from old collections with the added benefit of almost never going out of style.

Here at Christmas Tree Source, we wanted to show you some love by presenting you with five beautiful vintage Christmas decorations for this year’s celebrations.

Ceramic Christmas Trees

Ceramic Christmas Trees

A Ceramic Christmas Tree is a type of Xmas decoration that was used mostly in the 1970’s. They were typically made using clay molds which were shaped into a Xmas tree, glazed, and painted. Companies later introduced lighted versions of these trees into the ceramic industry at later stages as well.

Unfortunately, as time went by, people began to lose interest in making the trees. There was an influx of readily made ceramics from Asian countries such as China and Japan which made it more convenient to purchase them instead of making them from scratch.

However, vintage ceramic Christmas trees are now back in demand as more people are looking to bring back the Christmas spirit of the 70’s and 80’s.

They can be bought from online shops such as Amazon and eBay, but you can see many of the best ceramic Christmas Trees in this guide. Many of the mold designs sold are vintage while the tree is new.

Various tree options are available such as trees with lights; snow covered branches, attractive colors and more. The tree sizes can vary from 5-inches to 24-inches while some can even be larger than that.

Xmas Stockings

xmas stocking

Xmas stockings are traditional Xmas decorations that have been passed from generation to generation. They are usually made using high-quality yarn wools that are knit by hand. They are designed to look similar to a sock or stocking and mostly come in an L-Shaped form.

Christmas stockings are usually hung on Christmas eve so that they can be filled with candy, fruit, small toys or coins. Most young children are led to believe that it is Santa Claus who fills them up.

Some traditional western cultures also warned children that if they behaved poorly during the year, they would only receive a piece of coal in their stocking. Some stockings can also be personalized to have the family member’s name on it or have a Xmas holiday theme such as stars or a reindeer.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments, or otherwise known as Christmas baubles, are decorations that are used to adorn a Xmas tree. Design shapes and sizes are endless and can be as a simple round form to intricate artistic designs.

They normally have a combination of decorations created by family members and commercially produced ornaments and tend to be reused yearly rather than purchased again and again.

These family ornament collections are expanded and passed on from generation to generation. Besides the simple round ball, other common types of decorations used include candy canes, Santa Claus figure, snowflakes, snowmen, fruits, angels, and animals.

Vintage Christmas Manger Scenes

Vintage Christmas Manger Scenes

The Vintage Christmas Manager Scene, otherwise known as the Nativity Scene, is a unique exhibition that consists of artistic objects which represent the birth of Jesus Christ.

The objects are usually model figures in the shape of humans and animals that represent various people present during the birth of Jesus Christ such as Mary, her husband Joseph, baby Jesus, The Wise Men, shepherds, and angels. Different types of nativity scenes and traditions have been created all over the world and are commonly seen during the Xmas season in homes, churches, shopping malls, and other venues.

Santa Sleighs

Santa Sleighs

Santa Claus, or otherwise known as Father Christmas, is a figure of western origins who is said to appear during the Xmas Season to bring gifts to well-behaved children.

His primary method of transporting himself and the gifts from house to house is supposed to be a sleigh that is pushed by reindeer. There are many types of Santa Sleigh Christmas decorations available today.

Some are small figures made of ceramics or plastic that are placed indoors, and some are large constructed pieces made of wood or metal that are typically placed outdoors.

While a Santa Sleighs may not be a typical type of decoration that you would see in most homes or public places, it is still a great and unique way of spreading the Xmas spirit to friends and family.

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