Unusual Gifts for Men

Truly memorable and unusual gifts for men are phenomenally difficult to find — so much so that many girlfriends, sisters, and wives have declared it the most difficult task in their relationships next to getting him to consistently take the garbage out.

Gifts for Men

You have to know the target man like the fox knows the rabbit — what he likes, what he dislikes, his real age (almost always in the 18-24 range deep inside), and of course the things he considers truly special in his life.

Every man has something that he holds nearly sacred, even if it makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe your man is obvious in that he paints his face and puts a giant foam chunk of cheese on his head every time the Packers are on.

Maybe he’s more the romantic type and his secret is that he really likes the lakeside meadow where he got married. Whatever his sacred thing is, it’s your job to figure it out and try to turn it into a unusual gifts for men somehow.

by: Flickr.com/photos/amiefedora

Personality means a lot to guys. Speaking as a member of the subspecies (slogan: ‘guys — putting the ‘sub’ in ‘subspecies’ since homo erectus first heard it’s scientific name’), there’s nothing like getting a quirky gift that relates to something we love.

If your guy is a dachshund lover and a golfer, for example, he probably already gets personalized golf balls, club caps, and whatnot from his friends at work — but getting a simple office putter with a weenie dog on it that barks whenever he nails a putt will put tears in his eyes.

Of course, it won’t happen until he’s alone in the den and he hears it yapping at him, but trust me, it’ll happen.

Another thing you can give a guy who likes to ‘do’ rather than ‘have’ is sign him up for an event. If he’s a NASCAR dude and will fit inside a racecar, sign him up for a day of racing school.

There’s nothing like being able to look at your other guy friends and say “Aww, that’s cake — I’ve done that!” when your favorite driver cuts off a competitor on the second-to-last corner.

Here are some great gifts ideas for men:

  • Cologne or Perfume
  • Stylish Wallet
  • Watch
  • iPod Touch or iPhone
  • Gift Certificate
  • Soft T-Shirt
  • Ties (Specially fun ties!)
  • Cool Key Chain
  • Shaving Gear
  • Wine Gift Basket
  • Sony PlayStation (videogames)
  • Apple MacBook or Laptop
  • Webcam
  • Plasma HDTV
  • Xbox game (videogames)
  • Home Theater Kits
  • Concert or Movie tickets
  • Cigar Samplers
  • Business Books
  • Personalized Embroidered Leather Dopp Kit
  • Camping Lantern

The varieties of experience are endless, and they’re ALL unique enough that they’ll create a lasting memory: parasailing for the risky, hang gliding for the daring, bungee jumping for the insane, and eating fugu if you’re really unattached to your continued existence.

Even if what the man you’re gifting likes is sitting around surfing the Internet all day, you can find an experience that will make him smile in his sleep — try signing him up to the next huge worldwide Counterstrike tournament, or making a World of Warcraft character of your own and staging an in-game wedding. That’s the kind of stuff that shows a guy you really ‘get it’ (even if you don’t really, that’s OK, we love you for trying.)

Making your man happy enough to claim he’s got something in his eye isn’t necessarily spending a crapload of money on the latest uber-gizmo, though that will often work.

Instead, look for a way to access the secret part of him that is a fanboy about his hidden obsession, and turn it into something unexpected. Unusual gifts for men don’t have to be expensive — as long as they’re cool in that way that says that yes, you are in fact willing to put up with our weird little quirks, we couldn’t be happier.

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