Unique Gifts for Women

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No matter if you’re a son, a husband, or a suitor — finding unique gifts for women can be a taxing experience (and not just sales tax, either.) It’s easy to get overwhelmed by what gurus call ‘analysis paralysis’ — the process of thinking something through so much that you never get around to making a decision.

Here’s a basic guide for cutting through the debate and taking decisive action, in four simple steps.

Pay Attention

It seems obvious in retrospect, but we both know how hard it can be for some men to accomplish the seemingly basic task of finding unique gifts for women. Don’t do the obvious doltish thing and ask them what they like or what they want. That’s basically like saying “Hi, I don’t pay enough attention to you to know already, so help me figure you out.” That’s the opposite of what a woman wants.

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So it’s time to turn into a secret agent. Sneak into her closet when she’s in the bathroom. Look at the stuff she wears all the time. What size is it? What brands show up the most? What colors?

Look carefully at all the little details around your house (you know, the ones that she arranged because you didn’t really care one way or the other.) What are the recurring themes?

No, ‘knickknacks’ is not a recurring theme. Try again. Put together a spy portfolio as though buying unique gifts for women was the only way to keep Kim Jong Il from eating your dog.

Ask Questions

Not of her, dude. Ask her friends, her co-workers, and her parents. Ask about stuff she loves, stuff she talks about all the time, and (particularly of her parents) what her favorite things were growing up.

No, you’re not doing to buy her a She-Ra Crystal Castle, but you never know what you might be inspired by. Remember, your dog depends on your ability to find the perfect unique gifts for women you love.

When you start to see themes developing between the various groups you’re talking to — say, all three mention that she talks about your honeymoon to Bora Bora and unfortunately she is a pregnant women — make a big note. You might not be able to take her to Bora Bora, but you can bring a little bit of Bora Bora to her.

Go back and ask for details. Did she love drinking rum and coconut milk out of a freshly-cracked coconut? Or was it snorkeling and seeing thousands of brighly-colored fish?

Don’t Get Stuck on Stuff

Admit it, men: we have a tendency to think of gifts as a form of stuff. Women are much more flexible; they think of a gift as a form of attention. That means that giving her a good time — no, not that, I mean a genuinely happy experience — works just as well if not better than any object could.

So figure out how to turn Bora Bora or She-Ra or whatever her personal love is into an event rather than a piece of stuff.

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Just Do It

Simple as can be. Open your portfolio, find a theme, develop an event, and make it happen. Once you’ve done your research well and freed yourself of the ‘thing’ mentality, the rest will come naturally. See?

Unique gifts for women aren’t all that hard to find after all. And if all that doesn’t work out, or it’s too late to set up something dramatic, check out Gift Idea Master, where unique gifts for women abound or you can also get ideas easily from womens popular gifts list.

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