Unique & Fashionable Birthday Gift Ideas

Fashionable Birthday Gift Ideas
No matter what they say, and regardless of what their tastes are like – everyone likes presents! And while it may sometimes get a little tricky to find that one gift that will put a smile on your loved one’s face (whether we are talking partner, parent, best friend, cousin, etc.), if you know their tastes – it’ll all go smoothly.

Moving away from the conventional, easy-way-out-presents (and already way too boring and predictable options) like chocolates, stuffed animals and dinners out, we are giving you a few uncommon, and pretty great unusual ideas to consider for your next present.

A Boat Ride

A Boat Ride

They say every city is the most gorgeous at night time. Whoever’s been on a boat ride to meet the sunset, knows a boat ride can potentially change your life. Well, not really change your life, but you know what we mean.

Riding on a boat next to the person you love, with a tasty drink in your hand (some bubbly with strawberries can never be a wrong option) and the light breeze on your skin definitely makes for a gift they won’t forget for a really long time.

To make things even more exciting, put a blindfold over her eyes before you take her to the marina, and only after you step onto the deck, take the blindfold off. Expect her to gasp with excitement. Oh well!

A Weekend Away

Weekend Away

If a weekend away fits your budget, go for it! It doesn’t have to be anything too exotic (no lands far, far away, or countries you need a hundred visas to travel to), but rather something close to home but still striking enough to make your loved one excited.

A nearby country, another city, the outskirts of your town… anything flies. You may even ask her friends what was the destination she was raving about lately and book the tickets. Let’s bet she’ll adore you even more!

A Trendy Piece of Jewelry


No girl ever (especially a fashionable foxy lady) has turned down an amazing piece of jewelry, right? You probably can’t afford diamonds and rubies, but get her any of the quirky gifts like jewellery with dedication, or unique pieces made especially for her.

Gold and silver necklaces, unusual chokers, engraved bracelets or rings, (diamond) bud earrings… anything you know she already loves and will be happy to include in her existing jewelry selection.

A Spa Weekend


Give the girl the right spa treatment, and she’ll conquer the world! Or was that for shoes? Well, either way – a spa weekend is something every girl will absolutely adore, especially if she’s a working girl with a lot on her mind. Book a spa weekend, or a spa day, for your loved one and witness her go crazy with happiness.

A Cosmetic Treatment


This one runs close to a spa weekend, however – it may extend a bit further. No, we’re not suggesting you pay for her breast augmentation, liposuction, lip injections, Botox or whatever that’s on her cosmetic-surgery-wish-list (unless you want to?) but going for something that will relax her, bring her back in shape (or just enhance her gorgeous curves even more) like massages, cavitation sessions, CoolSculpting, cellulite removal, stretch mark treatments, etc.

Even the fittest of girls love these kinds of gifts as they are pretty expensive but oh-so-efficient. We are assuming you are pretty close, so you probably already know what her treatment of choice would be. Book it and present her with a gift card. If she doesn’t jump through the roof, nobody will!

A Shopping Spree


Your fashionable (girl)friend definitely knows her tastes, as well as what’s in and what’s out. She also knows what looks good on her, so she won’t need you to go Tim Gunn on her style choices.

However, she will need that gift-shopping-spree-voucher, so make sure you choose well. You may either go for a single store (her favorite brand) or several of the brands dear to her heart, with a sizeable limit on the card. You simply can’t go wrong with this one!