Crafty Ideas for Teacher Gifts


One of the hardest types of gifts to buy is for someone you don’t really know too well. As a result, buying gifts for your children’s teachers can be quite a task. Many parents have taken to looking for unique and crafty ideas for teacher gifts because they will have a personal touch.

Personalized Canvas Bags

There is one thing that is common to all teachers, no matter what subject or grade level they teach. They always, always have too much to carry! Any arts and crafts store will have a good assortment of plain canvas bags which can be personalized.

Take a digital picture of the class to any T-shirt shop and they will gladly make a transfer and press it on the bag for a small fee.

LED Lit Potpourri Vase

While this may not be a great gift for a male teacher, an LED lit potpourri vase is a perfect gift for any time of the year. Potpourri comes in a great variety of seasonal scents which can be added to a small round ‘fish bowl’ vase and lit with battery powered LED string lights. Around the holidays, this makes a wonderful gift when pine or apple cinnamon potpourri is used.

Knit, Crochet or Quilted Throw

Some moms still like those good old fashioned crafts such as knitting, crocheting and sewing! Taking the time to make a throw for teacher is something that would be both personal and fondly remembered.

Anyone can go and buy a box of candy or a paperweight for teacher’s desk, but few parents would take the time and thought to craft a warm and comfy throw for cold winter’s evenings.

Classroom Scrapbook

Believe it or not, teachers look back fondly on each and every class throughout the years. Nothing is more suited to a teacher than a personalized scrap book with memories of her class.

It is easy to gather pictures by sending notes home or calling other parents. There are wonderful instructions on the web for crafting a personalized scrap book, and supplies can be found quite easily.

Whatever talents you have, put them to use the next time you are looking for crafty ideas for teacher gifts. Some people are adept in the needle arts while others make candles or wood carvings.

Any gift that is crafted by hand is sure to be appreciated. Every day you leave your little ones in teacher’s hands; now show your appreciation with a crafty gift from your hands.