The Ultimate Guide To Buying Gifts For Your Man

Admit it, ladies. We all get a little stumped when asked what we’re getting our men for their birthdays. You certainly don’t want to get him another t-shirt, a baseball cap, or a coffee mug. As appreciative as they want to appear when they receive yet another “useless” gift from you, men are hoping for a little more effort.

And, no, he doesn’t need another pair of socks. It’s a tough task but you need to think out of the box for this year’s gift (and for the years to come). Take a look at the suggestions below.

gift for man

For the Car Enthusiast

Do you often find yourself thinking about ranking second favourite to his car, Betsy? Guess what, that may be true, but it’s time that you rein in that jealous streak and get him a gift that he can use while spending time with you and ol’ Betsy. If he likes to tinker around with the big bad machine, get him a pair of durable, heat-resistant gloves. You can easily find one at the local hardware store.

If he’s kind of a techie car enthusiast, a GPS attached to the rear view mirror is a hot trend among automobile lovers today.

For the Doting Dad

If your husband can’t get enough of taking pictures during every celebration, a camera or better yet, a tablet is quite a functional gift and can be used to upload the photos to his social media account right away. And oh, some dads are technologically challenged.

You might want to throw in a little extra and help him install an app that can enhance photos and for easy web sharing as well. Of course, with kids around, you also have to take extra caution and buy a case for the gadget.

For the Music Lover

Most women I know would take the easy way out and purchase gift cards from iTunes or from their local music shop. Get a little creative! Give him Beats by Dre, possibly the best headphones in town.

He’ll adore the exquisite sound quality of these headphones. I asked a friend who’s a sound engineer and he recommended the Pro Black for serious music lovers.

The well-padded ear cushions will let him listen to his favourite music for hours at a time. You can also help him organise his CD collection by buying him an apothecary cabinet. It’s perfect for guys who love the oldies.

For the Book Lover

Is his nose often buried in a book or does he spend his weekends scouring that quaint bookstore on the corner for more classics? Naturally, the perfect gift you can give a book lover is more books.

But that’s not too challenging, is it? Unless his favourite author is launching a new book, consider other options. Most book lovers read while eating or having a cup of coffee. A sturdy and foldable book stand will serve its purpose.

If you have a hefty budget, check out the Bibliochaise, the furniture piece that’s on every nerd’s wish list. It’s a bookshelf and a chair in one, perfect for the book obsessed man in your life.

For the Techie Guy

Phone Case

Take a peek inside your guy’s bag and you’ll probably see gadgets of every kind: an iPhone, a tablet, and other assorted gizmos. You don’t know even know what half of them are for.

So, what do you get a guy who probably has everything? A phone case, of course! Guys love to play around with their phones all the time. However you have to stay away from stick on designs. Although they’re the cheapest in the market, decals and stickers will fade or rub off after just a few weeks of use.

In this case, phone cases with embedded designs that match his personality are absolutely perfect. Make sure that you have the exact model of his mobile phone before attempting to order online.


Each guy has a distinct personality and giving him the usual gifts tells him two things: one, you forgot about his birthday and had to rush to the mall to buy one and two, you just don’t care about his special day.

Giving him something that he will actually like is a challenge but you need to look beyond the ordinary. And yes, don’t get him that designer shirt. It’s still a t-shirt no matter how expensive the label is.

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