Top Personalised Gift Ideas for Special Occasions


Choosing a unique gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions is always difficult. One of the best options is to make your gift personal, which will make it a lot more special for the recipient. Here are a few personalised gift ideas if you are looking for a way to make your gifts more original.

1. Chopping Boards

A personalised chopping board can make an excellent gift. This is a great idea for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and you can be sure that they will use it on a regular basis.

Personalised chopping boards can contain a photo or a message on any subject you like, and they can also come in a range of styles and sizes including round or rectangular, wood or plastic, so find one you think would be suitable for your recipient and make them a memorable gift.

2. Dressing Gowns

A dressing gown is another useful present that you can be certain will be used rather than kept in a drawer and never taken out. By personalising a dressing gown, you can turn it into the perfect gift for a special occasion, and they make ideal wedding gifts for couples.

3. Christmas Baubles

Personalised baubles make for a unique Christmas present that will take pride of place on the Christmas tree. Write your own personal message and use it instead of sending a standard card.

This could also be a good gift for children as you can create a unique gift for each recipient that they can enjoy hanging up on the tree. It could even become something of a Christmas tradition.

4. Sports Books

If you want to buy a present for a sports fan but they seem to have everything, a book is always a good option. Make it more special for them by getting their name printed professionally on the cover and adding a personalised greeting inside.

5. Wine Bottles

A bottle of wine always makes for a good present, but it is even better when the label is personalised. You can buy a personalised wine bottle for any occasion, but it is particularly suitable for celebrations and where congratulations are in order, perhaps to celebrate the recipient’s graduation or a new job.

6. Sweet Jar

Kids love sweets, but they will love them even more if the jar that the sweets come in has their own name on it. This is an excellent option when you want to provide a child with a personalised gift that you know they will enjoy. Send Something Original Next Time.

Make sure all of the gifts that you send are more interesting and original by making the effort to personalise them. The above selection of personalised gift ideas comprises just a few ways in which you can make your gifts more interesting, but there are many more options available.

So try to find something that the recipient would be happy to receive, and then add a unique twist by adding a personal message or image.

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