Top 10 Gifts To Make The Kids Christmas


Christmas is coming closer every day. And with it comes the phrase that gives toy shop keepers across the country a cold sweat – “Must Have Toy.”

We all remember the past ones. Parents queued round the block to get their hands on a Cabbage Patch kid. Children around the country were inconsolable when they discovered their local store had run out of Buzz Light years and more technical teens were disappointed to find no Nintendo Wii nestled under the Christmas tree.

But what will it be this year? What should you be running out to get before the Christmas rush strips them all from the shelves? We’ve hand-picked the best that the toy world has to offer, so you can stay on top of the Christmas shopping this year.

Let’s Rock Elmo

Remember ‘Elmo Live!’ from back in 2008? He was a ‘Must Have Toy’ that year, and with good reason. His lifelike capering was truly magical and kids loved him. Now, Elmo’s turned to the dark side and he’s ready to rawk!

Complete with a selection of rocking instruments, he’s ready to jam. He’s also got a pretty awesome rock T-shirt to boot. He knows what instrument he’s got and plays the right music. Without a doubt, Elmo is taking the top spot again this year!

Moshi Monsters

The number one social networking online game for kids, Moshi Monsters, is so popular that 2 out of every 3 kids in the country are signed up. This Christmas, their favorite Characters are here in Plush form.

Think of them in the same way as Angry Birds. The game is brilliant, everyone’s played it and now there are plush toys available. Moshi Monsters are adorable misfit companions for your children.

Every kid on this network will want to have their very own cuddly version of the monsters they love. This puts the Moshi Monster plushes in at number 2.


Remember ‘Simon Says’? Well this quick0thinking game is a little like Simon Says mixed with Bop It. It’s a tower that looks like two E’s back to back.

The idea of the game is to pass your hand through each of the loops in the sequence Loopz shows you. There are seven different games to play; ‘Repeat the Beat’, ‘Reflex Master’, ‘Rythm & Flow’, ‘Musicology’, ‘Freestyle DJ’, ‘Music Studio’ and ‘Versus’. It’s one of those addictive games that’s going to be an absolute hit come Christmas day. Loopz is our number 3.

Bieber Doll

There’s no denying Justin Bieber is here to stay. Since his youtube crooning was picked up by some of the biggest music industry bods, Bieber has found himself plummeted into the spotlight and loved by millions of tweens around the world.

He’s not got his sights set on the Christmas number 1 this year, but he is our number 4! His new singing doll, ‘Baby’, doesn’t just have his trademark boyish good looks, oh no, he sings too! What more do you need?


The biggest movie of 2011 was, without a doubt, the finale of the most celebrated literary franchise of all time. Harry Potter’s adventure came to a dramatic close and now kids across the country will want to recreate the magic themselves.

The new Lego Hogwarts kit is number 5 on our Christmas list this year. Even the big kids want to create their own Hogwarts battle.

Air Swimmers

Duuuh dun. Duuuh dun, Look our behind you it’s a great white! Everybody out of the wate- uh, air? Yes, the great white has found a way to survive in the air. Well, it hasn’t really but that would have made for a great Jaws sequel.

This helium shark swims through the air; he’s remote control and moves with such careful ease that it looks totally realistic. If you’re a little wary of sharks – and who wouldn’t be after that awful head came out of the boat in ‘Jaws’, there’s a clownfish option too.

The air swimmers are our number 6 this year and we can’t wait to wake the kids up on Christmas day with a giant shark in their bedroom.

Leap Pad

While many of us may be yearning for an iPad this year, the kids will want their own gadget. The folks at the learning-tech company, LeapFrog have obliged us this year with their very own Apple competitor. The LeapFrog LeapPad has loads of different ways to play and learn.

Keeping the kids entertained on Christmas day (and for ages after) are over 100 games, apps, videos and e-books. Let’s face it, that’s pretty much what we were going to use our iPad for anyway. In at number 7 this year, the LeapPad.

Fijit Friends

Apparently created when “a gooey science experiment was brought to life by the power of music.” Really they’re just supercute, soft & squidgy, dancey best friend. She says so many things and responds to so much of your own speech that you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s real.

Remember Furbys, another “must have” from a few years ago, the Fijit Friends make Furbys look like unanimated stuffed toys in comparison. Fijit friends are your kid’s new BFF which puts them in at number 8.

Sonic Screwdriver Set

We all love Dr Who and his nail-biting intergalactic adventures. This kit is the best way to recreate his capers at home. This sonic screwdriver set contains parts from 3 different sonic screwdrivers so you can create your own.

There are over 80 possible unique screwdrivers in this set alone so maybe the kids should work with the big kids on Christmas day to make their very own sonic screwdrivers! Coming in at number 8, the Sonic Screwdriver set is going to be under many a tree come Christmas day.


He’s a secret agent from the hit movie, Cars 2. McMissile isn’t just any talking car. He has his own secret missiles that really fire.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s voiced by the one and only Michael Caine! Thrilling transformations, sound effects and super secret weapons are all part of the package which makes McMissile our number 10 Christmas gift for 2011.

So there’s Prezzybox’s top 10 must have Christmas gifts for 2011. Now go out and get yours before they’re all gone!