Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Everyone looks forward to Christmas break, believe it or not, even teachers! This is a time when teachers can spend with their families after giving so much time and effort to your children throughout the rest of the year. Thoughtful teacher gifts for Christmas would include anything that helps the teacher truly enjoy that time away from class.

Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Tickets to the Movies

While the teacher is probably going to spend the days after school breaks for the holidays and leading up to Christmas shopping for gifts and making his or her own preparations, there will be a week between Christmas and New Year’s where teacher has time to relax.

Go to your local movie theater and buy two open tickets so that teacher can choose whatever movie he or she wants to see. Find out the best Movie Christmas Gifts for Teacher.

Gift Certificate to Dinner for Two

Sometimes this can be a costly gift so it is not unusual to take up a collection from several families to buy a gift certificate to one of the finer restaurants in town.

Your child’s teacher is working full time throughout the school year and a night out with his or her spouse (with no dishes to do!) is always one of the more thoughtful teacher gifts for Christmas.

Wine and Cheese Basket

Another one of the most thoughtful teacher gifts for Christmas would be something that makes holiday entertaining a little less stressful. If you are uncomfortable giving wine in the basket, a fruit and cheese basket is also quite nice.

They will have this on hand for last minute company and when the holidays are over they have a lovely basket as a memory. Many of these gift baskets can be purchased online and shipped right to the teacher’s home. Get the Wine and Cheese Basket Christmas gifts for teacher.

Crafts and Home Baked Goodies

So many of us are living life in the fast lane that we just don’t have the time that parents had in years gone by. Because of this, teachers really appreciate a gift that you took your precious time to craft for them.

Whether it is a hand crocheted throw or a basket of home baked goodies, that teacher knows you put your heart and talent into that gift.

Many thoughtful teacher gifts for Christmas may be beyond your budget. Start planning ahead and make contacts on open house nights. Network with other parents to take up a collection to buy your child’s teacher something truly amazing that you would not be able to afford on your own. Give him or her some time to enjoy this holiday away from the kids. Heaven knows, January comes soon enough!

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