Gifts for Wine Lovers


There are a lot of gifts for wine lovers on the market — but there are also a lot of different wine lovers, and not all gifts are appropriate for all wine lovers. If you’re shopping for a wine enthusiast, the myriad of available products might have you boggled. Here’s a breakdown of some of the gifts for wine lovers that are out there, and what kinds of wine lovers each one will appeal to.

Gift Baskets

There are a lot of basket-style gifts for wine lovers, but they all share a few basic traits: they have a decent amount of wine, usually in several varieties, and they often have wine-related swag along with them. The swag can range from wine glasses to advanced corkscrews, and it’s often pretty high quality.

Basket-style gifts for wine lovers tend to be most appropriate for the ‘casual’ wine enthusiast, who loves to celebrate with a good bottle but doesn’t dedicate a significant amount of space or personal time to the stomped grape. Wine gift baskets are excellent for someone who doesn’t work or spend hobby time with wine, but enjoys it nonetheless.

Bottle Holders

Wine bottle holders range in form from whimsical pirate scenes that turn the wine bottle into a cannon to gravity-defying pieces of wood that balance bottles horizontally in a way that seems completely impossible, with an infinite amount of variety in between. Holder-style gifts for wine lovers can actually be less pricey than a high-end gift basket, but they do require a certain kind of affection for wine.

Specifically, if your wine lover is the kind who constantly has a bottle around — or just likes to show off their latest exotic acquisition — a bottle holder is an appropriate gift. If they’re a parent who has to keep the wine less obvious, or they’re already building a collection large enough that they pick and choose which of several wines to have with each meal, not so much.

Wine Credenzas

One of the gifts for wine lovers that tends to go over well with someone that’s a bit more ‘in’ to wine, a credenza can make a truly stunning gift. Wine credenzas are elegant if a bit pricey ways to store several — to dozens — of wine bottles. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they generally require a significant investment in space. If your giftee doesn’t have plenty of wine around, a credenza might be a little silly.

That said, if they are truly wine fanatics, getting one of these these gifts for wine lovers can result in an overwhelming reaction. A credenza is like a rite of passage for a wine lover; getting one says ‘you are truly among an elite crowd of wine lovers’. They might cost a bit more than your average bottle holder, but the results speak for themselves.

Of course, there are many other types and styles of gifts for wine lovers — but when it comes to finding the ideal gift for your wine lover, if you’re still stuck after reading all of that, go and talk to the folks at Gift Idea Master; they can help with almost any gifting problem you may be having.