How To Look For Unusual Gifts for Women

Unusual gifts for women are out there — no, not out there like ‘really out there, man!’, but out there in the way that The Truth Is Out There. As in, you can find them fairly easily if you know where to look — and more importantly, how to look. Let’s be honest, all women are different.

Unusual Gifts for Women

As much as it might be fun to generalize, there are women out there who don’t like beauty products, flowers, or even guys. So, let’s start with the most important thing — knowing the women in question.

And it should be women — plural. Unless you’re both orphaned and have no other female friends or relatives, there should always be at least two women — her and her mom — that you buy gifts for.

Except Valentine’s day, then you’re good looking for just one gift unless you’re one of those people that loves drama. The point is, unusual gifts for women are in demand — and things that are in demand are available, because that’s how the free market works.

All you need to do is know your women, know your gifts, and, in the words of Sun Tsu, you will never be defeated.

Know Your Women

There are only three things you need to know to make a great gift. First, you have to know what she can’t deal with. Spiders are common, but you should also look at any allergies, phobias, neuroses, or other physical or emotional issues that might keep her from enjoying, for example, a peanut-and-latex-coated snake kebab. (Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but there are some really unusual gifts for women out there if you know where to look.)

Second, you have to know what she loves. Manicures are common, but you need to look deeper, and find something that she loves that her friends don’t — something that sets her apart.

Some women, particularly in the 30-35 range these days, secretly still love glitter-covered shoes like the ones they wore as kids — not that they would dare tell anyone!

Finally, you have to know what she hates worst about herself. Every woman has some part of her that she hates, even if she’s skinny and beautiful and perfectly tanned. The point here is simple — avoid that thing!

Don’t do anything to bring her attention to it. It’s not a problem you can solve, no matter what you do, so just ignore it and distract her with something she’ll love.

Know Your Products

At it’s most basic level, this is about avoiding things that will trigger her allergies, dislikes, and phobias. But more importantly, the more you know about a product, the more perfect you can make it for her — by telling her about it.

What this does, guys, is show that you actually stopped and thought about it. If it’s organic, recycled, recyclable, or otherwise special, you should tell her all about it!

You also need to know roughly how your women will respond to your unusual gifts. For women, in general, knowing that you spent time and effort thinking about them is a big part of the awesomeness of receiving the perfect gift.

Knowing your products is the key to presenting them in a fashion that will make them value your gift forever — and isn’t that really what searching out unique gifts for women you love all about?

Of course, it helps when you’re searching for unusual gifts for women to have an expert assistant — if you feel overwhelmed and like you need help, come to Gift Idea Master and ask us; we’ll be happy to help!