How to Find Truly Inspired Gifts for Pregnant Women

There’s already 2-year-old boy running around my house, and I’ve got a daughter well on the way — and now my wife’s birthday is coming up, so I’m looking at gifts for pregnant women from a whole new perspective.

The first time she was pregnant for her birthday, she was literally days away from having the baby (yep, my son’s birthday is less than a week from my wife’s…August is a fun month in our house; first it was gifts for the pregnant woman, now it’s gifts for the pregnant woman AND her baby.)

pregnancy gift box

This time, it’s more toward the middle of the process, and I’ve matured a little in the intervening years. Having a toddler to look after will do that to you, believe you me.

The long and short of my realization is this: gifts for pregnant women need to be somehow useful and sentimental at the same time. In just a few short months, their entire day is going to consist of caring for someone that can’t care for themselves — so this is your time to make sure that you show them you care for them.

So, how do you make them feel like you care? To be blunt, you care. But if you’re the type who hasn’t figured out how really simple that is, let me help you through the process of getting gifts for pregnant women.

Pay Attention

I very nearly bought my wife a ridiculously exotic chocolate-based gift basket last time around, and it was only because of a chance conversation about the fact that she hadn’t had coffee in nine months that I changed my mind — there’s too much caffeine in that much chocolate.

That’s the kind of attention I’m talking about. Even after months and months of pregnancy, it can be easy to just think of your wife as your wife — that person you’ve known for years and don’t need to think twice about the preferences of. But gifts for pregnant women require a bit more circumspection.

Personal Time: Alone or Together?

One thing that all women, pregnant or not, value is some quality time. But, as my first girlfriend taught me, some like their personal time to be alone time — and as my wife has informed me in no small detail, others prefer to spend their personal time with their mate.

Figure out which kind of girl your girl is, and give her what she wants. It could be a spa certificate that says you’ll go get mud baths with her, or it could be a solo day out getting a deep-tissue massage and a mani-pedi.

A massage might sound difficult if she’s in the third trimester — but believe me, if you can find a masseuse that knows how to do it right, she’ll LOVE it. Voice of experience talking, here.

Strange, but True: A Book Series!

The worst part of pregnancy, according to my wife, isn’t the actual delivery — it’s the sitting around in the hospital for the pre- and post-partum…sitting around.

If you have a good excuse to start her on a series of books, and you can make it long enough that she can read while she’s in the hospital, you’re looking at a staggeringly good gift. It’s up to you to figure out how to make it meaningful as well as useful.

It turns out that gifts for pregnant women aren’t actually all that tough as long as you can manage to start by empathizing. Imagine how you would feel if you were trapped under a soft, oversized bowling ball that someone had superglued to your abdomen for a year, and go from there.

If you just can’t find any inspiration on your quest for the first gifts for pregnant women, look up Gift Idea – they’ve got some crazy and highly inspirational ideas.