How To Get Better At Giving Gifts

It’s not something that we often give much thought to, but there is actually a fine art to giving gifts that will be well received and that will mean a lot to the recipient.

Giving a good gift should mean giving something that the recipient wants, but wouldn’t necessarily have bought from themselves. Giving a great gift means giving them something they really want but hadn’t even thought of/weren’t aware of.


When you give a present you should not only be able to affect someone’s day to day and make life better for them in the short term, but you should also be able to demonstrate that you know the person well, that you were thinking of them and that you are generally thoughtful.

Here we will look at how to give gifts that will tick all those boxes and how to evolve yourself as a gift-giver.

The Element of Surprise

Element of Surprise

This isn’t always going to be an option, but when you can give someone a gift out of the blue then this is a fantastic way to show that you were thinking of them and that you care.

One of the best ways to do this is to send a gift when you’re not local to the recipient. For instance, sending flowers or a hamper online to a friend or a member of family is a great way to show you’re thinking of them and to remind them of you and it will make for a brilliant surprise that will lift their day.

Thought Versus Usefulness

Flowers and hampers are also great gifts because they demonstrate thought and consideration on your part. You will have chosen the selection of foods or flowers because you know the recipient is likely to appreciate them, and that will in turn show that it took you more than a few minutes.

At the same time though, flowers/hampers will still be professionally put together and useful – don’t make the mistake of thinking that people prefer every gift to be homemade because unless you’re incredibly gifted that’s often not the case.

Some creativity is good. Time and consideration is good. But handcrafting something out of glue and paper is often just awkward…

Knowing the Person

When you give bigger gifts meanwhile you will have the opportunity to push the boat out a little more and do something that the recipient will really appreciate and enjoy.

Again though, the trick is to think about that person and the kinds of things they enjoy and like: and then to go with a less obvious version that fits with that.

You can do this with a moodboard – write down the name of your friend or relative and then write down/draw all of the things that they like and that you know about them.

What defines them as a person? Are they a homemaker who loves having guests round and throwing parties? Do they love fine china and tea sets? Or are they an artistic type with lots of piercings and colourful clothes? Would they maybe like a tie-dye set?

Get to the root of who your person is, and the rest should come easily…

Today’s feature writer, Theo Ananiadis, runs Australian Gourmet Gifts which provides a range of corporate hampers as gifting solutions. During his spare time, he enjoys watching movies at home.

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