How to Celebrate Kids Birthday in Classroom


Apart from the house party, wonder surprise for the kid is celebrating birthday in a classroom. It excites more to children showing his or her birthday celebrated with teacher and class mates. But there are some restriction and norms that both the parents and teacher need to follow.

Sometimes it creates chaos in the school. It is compulsory for both teacher and parents to follow the regulations and let the kid celebrate birthday in classroom with fullest. Our top quality gift shop consumes the best Online Birthday Flowers to send in birthday party premises across the world.

What Parents Can Do

Surprise Birthday:

Every time you celebrate your kid’s birthday at home or outdoors. Plan this year’s birthday party in a classroom to give them a special surprise. What a pleasant surprise it will be for them when their class mates and favorite teacher will applaud them with Happy Birthday claps.


But parents should not avoid the rules followed by school administrator. Previously it was possible to cut a cake or bring a cup cake in the class and celebrate the birthday fullest. But over the time scenario is changed. Looking to health part, now cake or baked recipes are not allowed to bring in birthday.

There is a huge mass of students and not everyone can afford this type of gesture. So for parents it is advisable that send a fruits favor for the whole classroom. Get the fruits shaped in animals, put it into a bowl and wrap it with silver foil paper. Give a tooth pick stick to eat the fruits in the best hygienic way.

Prepare the fruit cake with pineapple, orange, banana slices. It will be the best treat for the school age children.

Birthday Craft Ideas:

Birthday-Craft-ideasBirthday themed craft idea is really a wonder idea to join the kids in making creative craft. Let the kids busy in making crown for the birthday kid. Give silver or golden paper to make the crown for the birthday kid.

Or else let the kids busy in making three layer cake with hard card board and fill the cake with crumbled pieces of tissue paper.

Give them enough painting material like paint brush, water color, crayons, sketch pens to decorate a giant card.

Party Favors:


If the snacks or chocolates are not allowed to give a treat, fill the thank you bag with stationary utensils. You can give pencils, notepad, eraser, rubber, stickers, a sketch to color, crayons and many you can think for. For the 10 to 15 years children puzzle book or GK book is also a great idea to increase their IQ level.

What a Teacher Can Do

Create a Birthday Display:


Children always get excited when they are given attention in the mass of students. Birthday display board is the best way to identify birth date of each and every student. Make a 12 month card and fill the birthdates of each and every student. With this teacher will get an idea whose birthday is coming near.

Teacher can create a birthday display card or garland personalized with their name. They will get delighted when their name is displayed on the garland or board.

Birthday Game Ideas


Teacher can make their students’ birthday memorable playing birthday games inside the class. For the school age children you can plan a musical chair, pin the tail on the donkey or make them busy in playing with balloons. Get non-inflated Mylar balloons and let the children enjoy playing with it.

For more fun prepare the paper hat, stickers, a noisemaker, a bag of confetti, birthday candle to enjoy the celebration. For more elder students you can arrange the quiz competition related to birthday vocabulary and other classic birthday party games.

Some Other things for Teacher

In some schools there is a restriction of celebrating birthday in classroom. But still a teacher can make their day by giving a crafty crown he or she has to wear in the classroom for the day. Or teacher can give them a title of “Star of the Day” honor to make them a special person of this world for the day.

For those students birthday coming in vacation or holiday time, teacher can arrange a small party of snacks, pretzels and clap happy birthday at the end of month.

Get the same day flowers delivery from our nearest flowers shop from here. So these are some principles and ethics for celebrating birthday in classroom. If you are unknown about the ethics of birthday celebration you can speak to class teacher and arrange it taking their help.

Nothing to worry about it, just you need to follow the simple regulations of school. Parent’s co-operation is indeed a great help for teacher celebrating birthday in classroom.