Buying Wine Gifts Online: What To Look For

Wine Gifts

Unless you live close enough to a famous wine area like Napa or Sonoma, buying wine gifts online is probably your best option for satisfying the vinophile in your life. The biggest problem with buying wine gifts online — the shipping costs — can be fairly handily ameliorated if you’re willing to shop around a bit, making the Internet your best source for wine-based gifts of all kinds.

There are a myriad of things that you might consider when looking for a gift for a vinophile. If you’re finding yourself unable to choose, perhaps you’re suffering from ‘analysis paralysis’ — the mental block caused by overthinking your situation. Have a glass of wine, it helps. Finding the best wine gifts online is just a matter of knowing what to look for.

Buying Wine Gifts Online: Wine Itself

Sometimes, obvious is best, and nothing is more obvious than giving wine to a wine lover. Whether they love it dry or sweet, fruity or nutty, red, white, pink, or dessert, there are wine gifts online that are perfect for them.

And if you don’t know what they like, but you know they love wine, making a gift out of something like a wine-of-the-month club will expose them to new vintages (and give you the information you’ll need for next year’s gift!)

Buying Wine Gifts Online: Merchandise

You’d be stunned at how easy it is to find silly wine-themed stuff, from earrings to shoelaces, with a brief check around the Internet. You don’t want to go to far with this kind of stuff unless you’re dealing with a serious wine junkie, but it can be fun occasionally or as an adjunct to other wine gifts.

Online, just search for Wine Related Gifts, and see how many silly things pop up to tickle your funnybone.

Buying Wine Gifts Online: Affiliated Minor Paraphernalia

There’s a lot of stuff out there that’s meant to improve your ability to enjoy your wine. Decanters help wine breathe, but if you can’t wait or just prefer a more modern approach, you can use a wine aerator.

There are corkscrews, bottle stoppers to help preserve wine once you’ve taken the cork out, and even little vacuum pumps to maintain your wine’s freshness for weeks after they’ve been opened.

Of all the places to buy these supplementary wine gifts, online is again the best for two reasons: first, you can easily compare dozens of variations of the same kind of item side-by-side, and second, you can often order several complimentary items at once as a ‘basket’ and get a discount.

Buying Wine Gifts Online: Wine Related Appliances

Wine related appliances can range from the simple and inexpensive yet mystifying gravity-proof wine bottle holder to the N*Finity 100 Multi-Temp Wine Cellar with glass doors and hardwood racks — that’ll set you back nearly two thousand dollars. In between are spinning bottle chillers, wine credenzas, and much more.

If you’re just starting your search to find some killer wine gifts online, I’d suggest starting at Gift Idea Master; they’ve got dozens of great wine-themed gift ideas and great prices besides.

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Wine Country Gifts

When you start looking for wine country gifts for your favorite lover of the stomped grape, your first inclination till be to spend hours pouring over every option until you find the one that ‘pops’.

That’s a recipe for disaster, because — contrary to what you might think — wine country gifts come in such a wide variety that you’ll always have one more to look at. There is no end to the search because the options for wine country gifts are just too myriad and various.

dinner party

If you have even a moderate passion for the vine, you’re likely to find something that you want to take home for yourself! (In fact, one thing that this writer has personally done: buy a wine-related gift basket, take a few choice items out, and then give it to a friend. They’ll never know what’s missing! Yes, I am a horrible person.)

The search for some top-quality wine country gifts ought to start in your typical food-and-wine magazine. Most libraries have subscriptions to many such magazines, and many bookstores won’t mind you perusing a magazine off of their rack for a few moments — so even if you’re not already a subscriber, you can get good information and inspiration about your wine country gifts.

The next step, once you’ve gotten some ideas, is to hit up the Internet and look at sites that are wine-related — then on sites that are gift related. The first will have classy, upscale wine country gifts like credenzas and wine aerators.

The second will have more down-home and less expensive wine country gifts like corkscrews, bottle toppers, and “I love to cook with wine — sometimes I even put some in the food!” aprons.

If you’ve got a certified vinophile on your list, try going for an experience rather than object. Someone who already has one of everything from a bottle chiller to separate acid-etched decanters for their three favorite reds will still love a certificate good for an afternoon with a local vintner.

Experience-based wine country gifts can also include, on the upper end, any of several vacation packages centered on the California Wine Country. Gifts like that, while certainly beyond what you’d generally expect to spend, will always have a profound impact.

Finally, there’s the ultimate fallback: if you just can’t make up your mind after examining all of your options, from wine-related magazines to wine country gift-related websites to actual activities that involve wine, get a basket or a club.

Specifically, a wine basket like the one mentioned earlier, or a wine-of-the-month club that’s guaranteed to expose your favorite vinophile to some new vintages to add to their collection.

And if those things still don’t carry the right flair, ask an expert. The gift-giving professionals at Gift Idea Master have collected hundreds of unique gifts into dozens of categories. If anyone can help you find the perfect wine country gifts for your friends and family, it’s them.

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Classing Up Wine Accessories: Gifts With Charm

Bouquet of roses
Wine lovers are easy to pick out: they’re the ones who have bottle after different bottle, a cupboard full of wine accessories, gifts related to wine under the Christmas tree, and one of those corkscrews that’s shaped like a rabbit head.

If you’re looking to make a wine lover happy by giving them some wine accessories, gifts of that nature can be hard to find if you don’t know what to look for.

The most important quality than any such presents could have is quality — a foil-cap-cutter that’s made of plastic and aluminum might be cute and it’ll work for a while, but it won’t last. Of course, they also have to LOOK like quality wine accessories. Gifts that look cheap don’t get a positive response, even if they work like a charm.

Whether it’s a bottle of wine or set of wine accessories, gifts also have to be presented nicely in order to have the proper impact. A fancy box will make whatever’s in it more enticing and attractive; just make sure that if you’re giving a bottle, it’s wrapped in a way that will keep it from banging around inside the box.

The classiest way to accomplish this is to get a block of foam rubber the same size as the box and cut out gaps for the bottle and any other wine accessories gifts that you’re giving alongside it.


Of course, a pretty box isn’t always enough — but there are a few other fairly simple ways to further class up your present. One excellent way to turn some ordinary wine-and-wine accessories gifts into presents with some meaning to them is to get them engraved.

Corkscrews, red wine aerators, and even wine chillers can be engraved either directly on the item or, in the case of something like a wine rack, on a small plaque that gets attached to the item.

You can also get engraved glasses, bottle stoppers, and even little monogrammed ‘glass bracelets’ designed to help you keep track of whose glass belongs to whom.

Another simple way to add a sense of elegance to wine or wine accessories: gifts always look better en masse. Get together with another giver or two and put your finances together to create a gift basket full of top quality wine and a variety of wine accessories. Gifts like these inevitably have a greater visual and emotional impact that receiving several small or minor gifts in a row.

All told, the difficult part is not finding the wines and wine accessories; gifts are a challenge because it’s hard to make them personal, not hard to find something to buy.

So concentrate your efforts more on making what your present hit home, not specifically on what to buy or how much to spend. Alternately, if you ARE completely stuck on what to buy, go to a high quality gifts site like Gift Idea Master where you can browse through hundreds of gift ideas until you’re inspired by exactly the right item. Filled with the vino and plenty gifts of wine accessories, gifts are always easier with A Creative Expression.

Napa: It’s More Than A Cabbage – California Wine Gifts For The Best and The Rest

When you think of giving California wine gifts, you probably think something like “Hey, I know someone that would love to get tipsy on some quality Red!” Ok, probably not — you’re hopefully a little more respectful than that. But even if you are, California wine gifts do tend to center on the vino a bit more than the veritas. (Look it up.)

Fortunately for the old-stomped-grape-juice lover in all of us, there’s this amazing place in California called Napa. When I was a kid, I always thought of Napa as “that kind of cabbage that’s slightly less gross than the other kind of cabbage.” But now, I know the truth: Napa is the motherland of high-end California wine gifts. There’s also Sonoma, which together with Napa and a few other, less-memorable valleys make up what they call California Wine Country.

California Wine Gifts

The thing that most people don’t realize, however, is that California wine gifts run the gamut from downright snooty to straight classy to maximally chillaxed. There’s something for everyone in (or from) Napa.

Downright Snooty

The downright snooty California wine gifts are the ones that involve either ludicrously expensive wines, complex wine-based machinery like the bottle spinners that pour ice-cold water over a warm bottle and chill it to ice-cold in less than a minute, and so forth. If the wine lover that you’re buying these California wine gifts for is a virtual sommelier, this is the kind of thing they’ll go crazy for.

Straight Classy

Classically classy class comes in the form, most often, of gift baskets. Gift baskets are amazing opportunities to show people how considerate you were in getting someone else to pick a bunch of related and generally pretty cool stuff and stick it in a convenient, reusable wicker container — with cellophane wrapping. California wine gifts in a basket can range from a set of classy, middle-high-end wines to a host of wine-related paraphernalia like Rabbit corkscrews, bottle holders, and such.

Maximally Chillaxed

Chillaxed – adj., transitive, neologism — the state of being both chilled out and relaxed at the same time. When applied to California wine gifts, the term basically means that you know your intended target well enough that you don’t have to get something super fancy. A California wine gift from this category might be a single, high-quality bottle of something they love, or on a more personal level, a gift card good for a dinner at one of Napa Valley’s famous restaurants — assuming you can get there, of course.


Then, there’s the leftovers — you can actually find California wine gifts for people you barely know and don’t want to spend a lot of money on, either. If you know them enough to know that they like wine, a simple Napa Valley Wine of the Month Club membership will expose someone to enough vintages that they’re certain to find a few they enjoy. It’s the gift that says “I know you love wine…so here!”.

Obviously, these are only jumping-off points — inspiration, if you will, to find the perfect California wine gifts for your intended victim; if you still need more help, come visit Gift Idea Master — we know California wine gifts like few others!

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Gifts for Wine Lovers


There are a lot of gifts for wine lovers on the market — but there are also a lot of different wine lovers, and not all gifts are appropriate for all wine lovers. If you’re shopping for a wine enthusiast, the myriad of available products might have you boggled. Here’s a breakdown of some of the gifts for wine lovers that are out there, and what kinds of wine lovers each one will appeal to.

Gift Baskets

There are a lot of basket-style gifts for wine lovers, but they all share a few basic traits: they have a decent amount of wine, usually in several varieties, and they often have wine-related swag along with them. The swag can range from wine glasses to advanced corkscrews, and it’s often pretty high quality.

Basket-style gifts for wine lovers tend to be most appropriate for the ‘casual’ wine enthusiast, who loves to celebrate with a good bottle but doesn’t dedicate a significant amount of space or personal time to the stomped grape. Wine gift baskets are excellent for someone who doesn’t work or spend hobby time with wine, but enjoys it nonetheless.

Bottle Holders

Wine bottle holders range in form from whimsical pirate scenes that turn the wine bottle into a cannon to gravity-defying pieces of wood that balance bottles horizontally in a way that seems completely impossible, with an infinite amount of variety in between. Holder-style gifts for wine lovers can actually be less pricey than a high-end gift basket, but they do require a certain kind of affection for wine.

Specifically, if your wine lover is the kind who constantly has a bottle around — or just likes to show off their latest exotic acquisition — a bottle holder is an appropriate gift. If they’re a parent who has to keep the wine less obvious, or they’re already building a collection large enough that they pick and choose which of several wines to have with each meal, not so much.

Wine Credenzas

One of the gifts for wine lovers that tends to go over well with someone that’s a bit more ‘in’ to wine, a credenza can make a truly stunning gift. Wine credenzas are elegant if a bit pricey ways to store several — to dozens — of wine bottles. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they generally require a significant investment in space. If your giftee doesn’t have plenty of wine around, a credenza might be a little silly.

That said, if they are truly wine fanatics, getting one of these these gifts for wine lovers can result in an overwhelming reaction. A credenza is like a rite of passage for a wine lover; getting one says ‘you are truly among an elite crowd of wine lovers’. They might cost a bit more than your average bottle holder, but the results speak for themselves.

Of course, there are many other types and styles of gifts for wine lovers — but when it comes to finding the ideal gift for your wine lover, if you’re still stuck after reading all of that, go and talk to the folks at Gift Idea Master; they can help with almost any gifting problem you may be having.

Wine Related Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to find gifts appropriate to your various recipients, from video games for adolescent boys to wine related gifts for your favorite adult ‘friends of the vine’.

Wine Country Gifts

It’s likely that you know many of these folks — friends, family, co-workers, bosses, underlings, and people you owe money to are all as likely as not to be the kind of people who would appreciate wine related gifts to go with their favorite vino.

The problem is that a lot of wine related gifts out there are pure junk, and other stuff might seem great to you, but won’t really please it’s intended recipient. Wine, in particular, is a very subjective material — as much as you might adore a nice extra-dry Montrachet, many people prefer the more fruity Brunello di Montalcino.

Or, on the off chance you don’t have money sitting around waiting to be thrown at someone, you can substitute something a little more available, like Sauvignon Blanc and Chianti, respectively.

On the positive side, there are plenty of options for wine related gifts in the world. It is the truth that people’s tastes vary so much that unless you know someone very well already, it’s a risk to buy them any kind of wine. Related gifts, however, are many and much less chancy. Here are just a few top ideas:

Wine of the Month Clubs

There are dozens of wine-of-the-month clubs that send monthly bottles of wine, often along with little wine related ‘gifts’ like specialized corkscrews or bottle holders. The wines themselves tend to be hit-or-miss, but a wine-of-the-month club will expose the giftee to many different vintages, which is always a good thing.


Decanters make great gifts for lovers of red wine. Not only are they artistically beautiful, but they serve a very important purpose: letting the wine breathe in order to pull out the best flavor.

Unlike many other elite wine related gifts, you can get a quality decanter for a little as $20 if you know where to shop, though they can run into the hundreds if you shop in the wrong places.

Wine Taster’s Journal

The whole concept of a wine-tasting journal is a fairly new idea, but they’re all the rage, and fairly inexpensive besides — starting at a mere $15, but looking like a few hundred.

They’re leather-bound notebooks that provide a format for vinophiles to take notes on all of the vintages they’ve tried over the years — some even give you a place to paste the label from the bottle. popular for wine tasting parties. Starting as low as $15 each, the journals are also very affordable.

Even if none of these ideas immediately strikes a chord, don’t despair — there are a LOT of wine-related gifts out there. For more inspiration and help finding the perfect gifts, check out Gift Idea Master, where gift-giving experts have amassed a magnificent collection of gifts for you to give your friends and family.

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