Crafty Ideas for Teacher Gifts


One of the hardest types of gifts to buy is for someone you don’t really know too well. As a result, buying gifts for your children’s teachers can be quite a task. Many parents have taken to looking for unique and crafty ideas for teacher gifts because they will have a personal touch.

Personalized Canvas Bags

There is one thing that is common to all teachers, no matter what subject or grade level they teach. They always, always have too much to carry! Any arts and crafts store will have a good assortment of plain canvas bags which can be personalized.

Take a digital picture of the class to any T-shirt shop and they will gladly make a transfer and press it on the bag for a small fee.

LED Lit Potpourri Vase

While this may not be a great gift for a male teacher, an LED lit potpourri vase is a perfect gift for any time of the year. Potpourri comes in a great variety of seasonal scents which can be added to a small round ‘fish bowl’ vase and lit with battery powered LED string lights. Around the holidays, this makes a wonderful gift when pine or apple cinnamon potpourri is used.

Knit, Crochet or Quilted Throw

Some moms still like those good old fashioned crafts such as knitting, crocheting and sewing! Taking the time to make a throw for teacher is something that would be both personal and fondly remembered.

Anyone can go and buy a box of candy or a paperweight for teacher’s desk, but few parents would take the time and thought to craft a warm and comfy throw for cold winter’s evenings.

Classroom Scrapbook

Believe it or not, teachers look back fondly on each and every class throughout the years. Nothing is more suited to a teacher than a personalized scrap book with memories of her class.

It is easy to gather pictures by sending notes home or calling other parents. There are wonderful instructions on the web for crafting a personalized scrap book, and supplies can be found quite easily.

Whatever talents you have, put them to use the next time you are looking for crafty ideas for teacher gifts. Some people are adept in the needle arts while others make candles or wood carvings.

Any gift that is crafted by hand is sure to be appreciated. Every day you leave your little ones in teacher’s hands; now show your appreciation with a crafty gift from your hands.

Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Everyone looks forward to Christmas break, believe it or not, even teachers! This is a time when teachers can spend with their families after giving so much time and effort to your children throughout the rest of the year. Thoughtful teacher gifts for Christmas would include anything that helps the teacher truly enjoy that time away from class.

Teacher Gifts for Christmas

Tickets to the Movies

While the teacher is probably going to spend the days after school breaks for the holidays and leading up to Christmas shopping for gifts and making his or her own preparations, there will be a week between Christmas and New Year’s where teacher has time to relax.

Go to your local movie theater and buy two open tickets so that teacher can choose whatever movie he or she wants to see. Find out the best Movie Christmas Gifts for Teacher.

Gift Certificate to Dinner for Two

Sometimes this can be a costly gift so it is not unusual to take up a collection from several families to buy a gift certificate to one of the finer restaurants in town.

Your child’s teacher is working full time throughout the school year and a night out with his or her spouse (with no dishes to do!) is always one of the more thoughtful teacher gifts for Christmas.

Wine and Cheese Basket

Another one of the most thoughtful teacher gifts for Christmas would be something that makes holiday entertaining a little less stressful. If you are uncomfortable giving wine in the basket, a fruit and cheese basket is also quite nice.

They will have this on hand for last minute company and when the holidays are over they have a lovely basket as a memory. Many of these gift baskets can be purchased online and shipped right to the teacher’s home. Get the Wine and Cheese Basket Christmas gifts for teacher.

Crafts and Home Baked Goodies

So many of us are living life in the fast lane that we just don’t have the time that parents had in years gone by. Because of this, teachers really appreciate a gift that you took your precious time to craft for them.

Whether it is a hand crocheted throw or a basket of home baked goodies, that teacher knows you put your heart and talent into that gift.

Many thoughtful teacher gifts for Christmas may be beyond your budget. Start planning ahead and make contacts on open house nights. Network with other parents to take up a collection to buy your child’s teacher something truly amazing that you would not be able to afford on your own. Give him or her some time to enjoy this holiday away from the kids. Heaven knows, January comes soon enough!

More Useful Gift Ideas For Christmas:

Appreciation Gifts for Teacher

Most often parents look for Appreciation gifts for teacher around the holidays and at the end of the school year. However, any day is a good day to say ‘Thank you’ to the person who is with your child each and every day, helping to mold their lives.

There are so many amazing gifts that you can find and it is just a matter of choosing one that expresses what you want to say.

Traditional #1 Teacher Gifts:

When all else fails, there are always the standard #1 Teacher gifts such as coffee mugs, key chains, T-shirts and plaques that can be found in local retailers as well as on the web.

If you are looking for an innovative ‘slant’ on traditional appreciation gifts for teacher, find a site that customizes these items. Have them imprint the teacher’s name and perhaps even the school year on the item. Traditional gifts with a personal touch are always appreciated.

An Evening Out:

Many people just don’t realize how hard teachers really work. It takes a special parent to know how much work that teacher takes home night after night.

Truly great appreciation gifts for teacher would give them a gift of an evening out on the town. Some parents buy gift certificates to trendy restaurants while others purchase tickets to off Broadway shows coming to town.

You can find a number of ideas by searching online for upcoming events in your area.

3) Letters of Appreciation:

Along with your gift make sure to write a heartfelt letter of appreciation to both the teacher and the principal. A letter of appreciation goes a long way in advancing that teacher’s career and chances are it will be kept in the teacher’s employee records.

We are too quick to complain when a teacher acts in a way that we find unfavorable, but how often do we recognize their hard work and dedication?

Your appreciation gifts for teacher don’t need to be expensive to convey your gratitude. Any gift that bears a message of how grateful you are for all that they do for your children day after day will be truly appreciated.

Just knowing that parents understand all the effort and care they give to their students is often appreciation enough. Take the time to make your message mean something.

Whether giving a solid gold #1 Teacher charm or a $5 coffee mug, personalize the gift to show the depth of your appreciation.

Gifts for Teacher

Gone are the days of bringing the teacher an Apple, but you can still find gifts that will be the ‘apple of his or her eye’ for years to come! While you may not know what the teacher’s likes and dislikes are, you can get creative in your approach to finding amazing gifts a for teacher. Get the kids involved! In fact, you can have so much fun shopping for gifts that it will be more like a day of fun than a shopping expedition.

1) Get the Kids Involved:
In fact, you can have so much fun shopping for gifts for teacher that it will be more like a day of fun than a shopping expedition. And also you can choose special days where they pick gifts for teacher appreciation day. It’s easy to get the kids involved when they’re ‘having fun!’

2) Go on a Treasure Hunt:
Go on a trip with the kids, much like a treasure hunt to find the most exciting or unique gifts for teacher.Because the teacher is not a family member or a close personal friend you would be better off to select a category of gift that is in keeping with the subject or grade level being taught.

3) Choose the Category:
Tell the kids that you want something to do with history, for instance. Set a price range and then start the hunt! Most often there are several teachers who must be considered, so set a price range that is reasonable for you.

4) Creative Use of Cyberspace:
Today’s youth is a whole lot more computer savvy than we were in our generation. Let them shop around online a bit! Once you have set a price range and chosen the category of gift for teacher you are looking for, let them do some real comparison shopping.

5)Teaching Value:
They won’t know it, but this is a learning experience for them as well. Kids can learn the value of money as well as how to navigate the web. Discuss their choices with them so that they will begin to understand what sets one product apart from another.

6)Quality Time Together:
Let the kids be as involved as they would like to be and show them that there is real value in quality time spent together. They will be learning to pay attention to ‘budgets’ while learning skills such as comparison shopping and internet browsing.

You just might be surprised at just how intuitive your little ones can be. The children, after all, know their teachers better than you think! By getting the kids involved you will be able to make a real family adventure out of something as ordinary as shopping for gifts for a teacher. You can laugh and learn with your children while getting some shopping out of the way.