4 Worthy Alternatives to An Engraved Retirement Gift


When the time comes to retire it is customary for the individual to be given some kind of gift. Very often this gift will come directly from his or own employer as a token of their appreciation for services provided.

Depending on just how long the person was with their company tends to have a bearing on the size or value of the gift concerned.

In the majority of times it is usual for the person to be presented with an engraved watch or other personalised gift. This is of course fine and will very often serve to remind the retiree of the relationships that were forged during their working period.

Retirement cake

However, if you fancy organising something a little bit different then this blog post is definitely for you. Here we will take a closer look at 4 worthy alternatives to an engraved gift.

Surround Sound System

This can be a great gift if the retiring person is known to like to watch the odd movie.

The chances are that they will already own a halfway decent DVD player, so hooking up a system like this makes perfect sense.

Whats more prices for this kind of technology has fallen in recent times so you can be sure of getting lots of bang for your buck, so to speak.

Complete Golf Manual and Lessons

Given that your retiree is likely to have a fair amount of spare time on their hands it could be a good idea to help them to learn to play golf.

In reality, most people already play the game so really you will be helping them to brush up on their game. What better way to show that you care than to give them a complete golf manual plus a set of lessons?

This is a present that shows a reasonable amount of thought and concern for the individual’s future well-being.

Electric Garden Cultivator

A good many people at retirement age develop a keen interest in their gardens. If this is the case then giving a gift like a garden cultivator will hit the right notes.

Here you will be ensuring that they don’t have an opportunity to sit indoors and mope around. Getting them up and outside can work really well to keeping their minds and bodies active.

Sometimes the retired person enjoys this type of activity so much that they actually consider setting up a small side-line and offer their services to others.

Exclusive Trip Away

Another brilliant idea to really show your appreciation of the person who has retired is to organise a trip for them.

If the person has a wife or husband then they of course should also be involved. This can be a super way of showing your appreciation not only to one person but to the couple.

Very often the wife or husband will have had to endure their partner working long hours. This can be a really great way of thanking both of them for their valued support.

The Wrap-Up

It might be that none of the above really suits the individual that has retired. This is fine as there are probably a good number of other ideas that you can come up with.

The important thing is to try to make it as personalised as possible. Of course if that means that you would rather stick with the idea of an engraved watch or other engraved item then that is fine too.

In many respects this type of gift can be treasured for longer periods. Each time the retiree takes a glance at their engraved watch the memories of work friendships will come flooding back.

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How to Find Appropriate Retirement Gifts for Women

Look back three and a half decades, and the very concept of buying retirement gifts for women would be bordering on laughable — but as the world’s economy has slowly been altered and more and more women have had to start working, they’ve had to start retiring as well.

Finding the right retirement gifts for women in your life can be a real challenge, as it’s a time that calls for sensitivity, personality, and, many cases, taste.

Retirement Gifts

Not taste like chocolate, either, though if you’re the less creative type, you can always fall back on it. Instead, you should aim to get thoughtful, personal retirement gifts. For women, a token of gratitude that shows that you understand her value as a worker is often exactly what they need.

Of course, it can be hard to get terribly personal with a co-worker you don’t know that much about, so if you’re not a close friend, that can be a challenge. That’s when you have to have a fallback plan; something that’s generic enough to be a likely success but at the same time unique and special enough that it won’t get filed under ‘no brainer; s/he clearly doesn’t care about me’ in her mind.

Here are a few ideas that can make great retirement gifts for women without requiring a lot of personal knowledge:

  • A year of monthly massages;
  • A giftcard for a spa or a quality bookstore;
  • Membership to a bouquet-, cheese-, chocolate-, or coffee-of-the-month club;
  • A donation in their name to a favored charity;
  • A gift basket with a variety of small items — bath-related items are always a favorite;
  • Gourmet food samplers, particularly of the regional variety.

Retirement can be a happy occasion or a powerfully bittersweet one, depending on the woman and the job involved. A woman who has been employed in one place for many years can become quite attached to it, and one of the best retirement gifts for women in such a situation may be some form of reminder of their place there — just avoid giving them ‘company swag’ as a gift.

An ongoing gift such as the ‘monthly’ gifts above can be great for that kind of retirement — it gives them regular reminders of their former ‘family’ while at the same time giving them a chance to make the switch to the retired life.

On the other hand, retirement can also be a giant party, and retirement gifts for women that are grateful to be retiring should reflect that celebration. Whether it’s a comical ‘gag’ gift (don’t go overboard, women don’t do gag gifts like men do) or simply a memorable party gift like a deck of cards with the faces of co-workers printed on them, gifts in celebration both of the work she’s accomplished and the lack of work she’s about to enjoy are excellent.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect retirement gifts for women that will soon be joining the ranks of the un-jobbed, help is only a click away — provide Gift Idea Master for a host of gift ideas for any occasion!

The Best Retirement Gifts For Folks Who Aren’t Sure About Retiring

Retirement Gifts
The best retirement gifts are cleanly divided into two categories: the gifts that celebrate the sense of community and purpose that working gave, and the gifts that celebrate the sense of freedom and choice that retirement brings.

But choosing the best retirement gifts for a specific person isn’t always easy. Here are half a dozen gift ideas that range from the inexpensive to the extraordinary, but all of them are meant to help your retiree celebrate this significant change in their lives.

A Picture

Among the simplest, but still the best retirement gifts, a picture of a group of favorite coworkers — or favorite friends to hang out with after retirement — is always a good way to celebrate. Be sure to obtain a high-quality frame that goes with the decor in their favorite room, of course.

A Cruise

On the other end of the extravagance spectrum, tickets for a cruise ship to a favorite (or simply very relaxing) locale can make a great punctuation mark to the end of a great career.

Cruises range widely in price depending on where and when they go. On the lower end, if a weeklong cruise is out of the question, a dinner cruise can be a great alternative for a significantly lower cost.

An “event” like a cruise, while rarely expected, can be one of the best retirement gifts you can give someone who needs a ‘break point’ between working and retirement.

Something-of-the-month Clubs

One of the greatest fears of retirees is that they’ll be forgotten, and one of the best retirement gifts to assuage those fears are ones that keep giving for a long time. Wine, cheese, book, chocolate, and game of the month clubs are all popular gifts that will keep them nearby for months and months.

Hobby Items

If your retiree has a favorite hobby, be it golf or bridge or something less classically retirement-centric, take advantage of it! While old saws like named golf balls are hugely overdone, there are a vast variety of hobby-oriented gifts that can provide a lasting memory of a poignant moment in life.

New Hobbies

Oftentimes, a career-oriented person has no idea what to fill their leisure time with; the best retirement gifts for someone like that are ones that will guide them into a new pastime.

Look at what they already like, and find something related to it that could make a good retirement hobby. From flying remote-control model airplanes to spelunking, there’s something out there for everyone.

Gag Gifts

Be careful when getting gag gifts as they might not be the best retirement gifts for someone who is sensitive about this important time in their lives. But if your retiree is the kind of person who loves a good laugh or just needs a good excuse to loosen up, a gag gift can be a unique way of showing them that you understand and care.

Of course, there are always complications and considerations, and it might be that you’re still having problems deciding. If the best retirement gifts you can think of still aren’t good enough, look for help from experts like the staff at Gift Idea Master; they’re full of amazing ideas.

More Retirement Gifts:

Retirement Gifts for Men

After a man has worked the better part of his life, you want to find something really memorable to commemorate all those years of hard work and loyalty. Whether you are an employer looking for Retirement Gifts for Men, a gathering of fellow employees, or family members and friends, you want to find the perfect gift of recognition.

Say It in Gold

Many gifts in 14k or 18k gold are not as expensive as you might think. A perfect gift to reward a man for working all his life is best expressed in gold. Engraved gold cufflinks, tie clips, money clips and even rings or watch fobs make wonderful retirement gifts for men.

The number of years can be engraved, the dates of employment, or even his initials would all be suitable. Gold is a sign of loyalty and one of the all time best mediums for expressing appreciation at time of retirement.

Toys and Tools to Tinker With

After working for so many years, that man will have time on his hands that he doesn’t know how to fill. Give him ‘toys’ and tools to tinker with. Maybe he always dreamed of making his own fishing rods or crafting his own rowboat.

Give him something to fill those days with while he is transitioning for the work-a-day world to the leisurely life of retirement.

Retirement IOU’s

This is another thoughtful and memorable retirement gift for a man. In the early days it will be exciting getting up when he pleases with little or nothing to do. But, as time passes by those days can get mighty lonely.

Give him “Retirement IOU’s” for lunch at his favorite diner or for a camping and fishing trip in the mountains at your hideaway cabin. Any gift that will occupy his time during that transition will be a memorable gift indeed.

When a man has worked his entire life, a little appreciation goes a very long way specially if it is the best retirement gifts for men. Anyone who has benefited from that man’s labors as well as those who have walked with him along the way should celebrate this proud occasion with him.

Tokens of gratitude or gifts from the heart will make this one of the most memorable days of his life. When the newness of retirement wears off, you want him to remember that he has friends and family by his side to continue walking this new journey with him. That, in itself, is a gift worth giving.

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