Gifts for The New Mum

The arrival of a new baby tends to result in a deluge of flowers, cards and baby wear. Whilst these are nice gestures and generally well appreciated, a new mother can feel overlooked. A new baby changes life completely, particularly for first time parents.

Lie-ins immediately become a thing of the past, hot meals and drinks are suddenly a luxury and even relaxing in the bath is something that requires advance planning. So what are the ideal gifts that will make a new mum feel appreciated?

A Little Bit of Pampering

Interrupted sleep and the constant demands of a new baby can make a mother feel that she is neglecting herself. Gifts that can help lift her spirits are an easy win.

Luxury hand cream can help repair the damage caused by hand washing after changing nappies, celebratory cake and champagne can make her feel appreciated, whilst scented candles can help with relaxation when she manages to soak in that bath she pre-booked earlier.


Making Life Easier

Gifts that make a new mum’s life that little bit easier are also appreciated. A thermal mug is a great way of keeping a cup of tea warm, irrespective of any distractions. Finding the time to cook, and sometimes even eat, in those first few weeks can be tricky.

Treating her to some vouchers for her favourite takeaway can be a godsend on a day where there’s no time to prepare anything substantial to eat or when there’s not been time to get to the shops. Housekeeping can also be difficult with a new baby.

There are plenty of new mothers who would be grateful for the services of a cleaner whilst they get used to motherhood.


Some Light Entertainment

New babies need feeding – a lot. A new mum will, therefore, spend a lot of time sat on the sofa. A good DVD box set or series of audio-books are good alternatives to some of the worst excesses of daytime television and could also keep her company during night feeds. A magazine subscription or some light paperbacks would also do the job.


Thinking Ahead

Most new parents are able to plan for the immediate things they need with a new baby but don’t think much further ahead. Gifts that are helpful for a bit further ahead in the parenting journey include a hamper of baby clothes and nappies in the next size up, clothing vouchers for mum for when she ditches the maternity clothes or a baby sling so that she can get out and about that little bit easier when baby is being demanding.

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time. There are plenty of gifts out there for new mums that can make them feel appreciated or help whilst they adjust to a new role. Finding the right gift needn’t be expensive and just takes a little thought. Of course, a box of chocolates is rarely unwelcome and what better way to get an energy hit when feeding or feeling a little low?