Men Gadgets are Inseparable

Whether you are looking at sports cars, spy cameras, cordless power tools or other power tools; all these and many other gadgets simply appeal to men’s innermost parts. We all know men’s obsession with anything that is technological.
men gadgets

This is the reason why you will find them amassing the latest computers, the latest gas grill equipment, electronics, graphite golf clubs and the list can grow to be such a long one. There is no doubt that men are deeply in love with gadgets and there are very good reasons why this is the case.

If you are looking for justification for this obsession, you may want to consider some of their reasons which include:

A status symbol: Men’s gadgets follow the path of advanced technology and for men; this is nothing short of a status symbol. This is true even for those who will not accept that they get thrilled to own the latest gadgets in the market.

Most of these hot gadgets cost a good amount of money and any man who owns one sends a message that he has some money to spare.

This will also tell his pals and anyone who cares to listen that he is a stylish, educated and fashionable man. Any techno gadget simply says that a man has some status among his peers.

They make them relive their boyhood: Many boys began their love affair with gadgets many years ago and quite early in their lives; this is an affair that will not go away very easily.

Since there is always a small boy that remains locked up in the heart of every man, gadgets find a soft spot in that boy. You have noticed how boys will go head over heels with video games, remote controlled cars, kid’s working tools etc.

Whenever a man finds a new gadget, this simply connects with the child in them and this is another reason why hi-tech gadgets will always find their way into the lives of men. Give a man any Christmas gadget and you will make him relive his boyhood once again.

They are practical: Men love gadgets for no other reason than the fact that they are practical; they enable men to achieve feats they would not have easily been able to achieve.

Give a man a laptop with the latest features and specs and he will be able to record and edit his own videos and music apart from doing some ecommerce.

He will love an IPhone that has features which will allow him to send and receive emails, listen to his music on the move, download the latest movies, watch Television as he goes and of course keep in touch with his buddies.

They bring fun: Apart from improving life, men’s gadgets also bring fun at the men’s doorsteps. We all remember the days when television and radio were the only tools of trade as far as entertainment was concerned; technology has changed all that and today, you only need a small portable gadget and you will able to play all manner of music, watch TV and movies or just about anything else that will entertain you; anything that is tech savvy and the man will be right there.

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Gifts For Your Man

Admit it, ladies. We all get a little stumped when asked what we’re getting our men for their birthdays. You certainly don’t want to get him another t-shirt, a baseball cap, or a coffee mug. As appreciative as they want to appear when they receive yet another “useless” gift from you, men are hoping for a little more effort.

And, no, he doesn’t need another pair of socks. It’s a tough task but you need to think out of the box for this year’s gift (and for the years to come). Take a look at the suggestions below.

gift for man

For the Car Enthusiast

Do you often find yourself thinking about ranking second favourite to his car, Betsy? Guess what, that may be true, but it’s time that you rein in that jealous streak and get him a gift that he can use while spending time with you and ol’ Betsy. If he likes to tinker around with the big bad machine, get him a pair of durable, heat-resistant gloves. You can easily find one at the local hardware store.

If he’s kind of a techie car enthusiast, a GPS attached to the rear view mirror is a hot trend among automobile lovers today.

For the Doting Dad

If your husband can’t get enough of taking pictures during every celebration, a camera or better yet, a tablet is quite a functional gift and can be used to upload the photos to his social media account right away. And oh, some dads are technologically challenged.

You might want to throw in a little extra and help him install an app that can enhance photos and for easy web sharing as well. Of course, with kids around, you also have to take extra caution and buy a case for the gadget.

For the Music Lover

Most women I know would take the easy way out and purchase gift cards from iTunes or from their local music shop. Get a little creative! Give him Beats by Dre, possibly the best headphones in town.

He’ll adore the exquisite sound quality of these headphones. I asked a friend who’s a sound engineer and he recommended the Pro Black for serious music lovers.

The well-padded ear cushions will let him listen to his favourite music for hours at a time. You can also help him organise his CD collection by buying him an apothecary cabinet. It’s perfect for guys who love the oldies.

For the Book Lover

Is his nose often buried in a book or does he spend his weekends scouring that quaint bookstore on the corner for more classics? Naturally, the perfect gift you can give a book lover is more books.

But that’s not too challenging, is it? Unless his favourite author is launching a new book, consider other options. Most book lovers read while eating or having a cup of coffee. A sturdy and foldable book stand will serve its purpose.

If you have a hefty budget, check out the Bibliochaise, the furniture piece that’s on every nerd’s wish list. It’s a bookshelf and a chair in one, perfect for the book obsessed man in your life.

For the Techie Guy

Phone Case

Take a peek inside your guy’s bag and you’ll probably see gadgets of every kind: an iPhone, a tablet, and other assorted gizmos. You don’t know even know what half of them are for.

So, what do you get a guy who probably has everything? A phone case, of course! Guys love to play around with their phones all the time. However you have to stay away from stick on designs. Although they’re the cheapest in the market, decals and stickers will fade or rub off after just a few weeks of use.

In this case, phone cases with embedded designs that match his personality are absolutely perfect. Make sure that you have the exact model of his mobile phone before attempting to order online.


Each guy has a distinct personality and giving him the usual gifts tells him two things: one, you forgot about his birthday and had to rush to the mall to buy one and two, you just don’t care about his special day.

Giving him something that he will actually like is a challenge but you need to look beyond the ordinary. And yes, don’t get him that designer shirt. It’s still a t-shirt no matter how expensive the label is.

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Red Letter Days Never To Forget – Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for someone is a perilous task. It’s really hard to know what someone wants unless they drop an almighty big hint! If someone you love is about to celebrate a big birthday you’ll be trawling the internet and the high street looking for inspiration. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box? Rather than a tangible present, how about buying them an experience they will never forget?

There is plenty of choice when it comes to experiences – it totally depends on your budget. But here are some ideas to get you thinking – surely anybody would love one of these for their birthday? There is an experience out there for everybody, guaranteed to put a smile on any face.

Red Letter Day

Driving a Rally Car

If the person you are buying a gift for is crazy about cars, then a motor-based gift is perfect. Unless you have the budget to buy them an actual rally car of their very own (!) then the next best thing is to buy them a day driving one.

Rally tracks across the country offer this experience and it always goes down well with petrol heads! They will start by being shown the ropes by an expert and it won’t be long until they get in the driving seat themselves, ready to show off their skills! The adrenaline and excitement will keep them talking about it for weeks after!

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

If the person you love is not so into speed but they still have a passion for adventure then what better way to treat them than to send them up into a hot air balloon?

It’s a wonderful way to take in the beauty of the ground below you, champagne in hand. It feels luxurious, exciting, and they will remember it forever. You have to go with them though so you’d both better have a head for heights!

A Stay in a Hotel

Perhaps your loved one would rather keep their feet on the floor? In this case, why not make it a luxurious floor?! Loads of companies offer special rates on birthday gifts for one or two night stays in plush hotels with all the extras.

If you really want to spoil them, how about going to a hotel with its very own spa? They can relax and be pampered and if that all gets too much they can go for a gentle swim and a sauna. Who wouldn’t love that?

Choose a destination that you know they’ll love, and make sure there are plenty of bars and restaurants in the area so you can go out for a special night out.

The beauty of buying your loved one an experience rather than a present is that you get to share in the joy too! You will love accompanying them and you will love hearing them chatting about it long after the event.

It’s a creative alternative to the plain old-fashioned present or voucher – haven’t we all got enough smellier already?! Give them an experience they will never forget – it’ll be a decision you never regret!

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Unusual Gifts for Men

Truly memorable and unusual gifts for men are phenomenally difficult to find — so much so that many girlfriends, sisters, and wives have declared it the most difficult task in their relationships next to getting him to consistently take the garbage out.

Gifts for Men

You have to know the target man like the fox knows the rabbit — what he likes, what he dislikes, his real age (almost always in the 18-24 range deep inside), and of course the things he considers truly special in his life.

Every man has something that he holds nearly sacred, even if it makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe your man is obvious in that he paints his face and puts a giant foam chunk of cheese on his head every time the Packers are on.

Maybe he’s more the romantic type and his secret is that he really likes the lakeside meadow where he got married. Whatever his sacred thing is, it’s your job to figure it out and try to turn it into a unusual gifts for men somehow.


Personality means a lot to guys. Speaking as a member of the subspecies (slogan: ‘guys — putting the ‘sub’ in ‘subspecies’ since homo erectus first heard it’s scientific name’), there’s nothing like getting a quirky gift that relates to something we love.

If your guy is a dachshund lover and a golfer, for example, he probably already gets personalized golf balls, club caps, and whatnot from his friends at work — but getting a simple office putter with a weenie dog on it that barks whenever he nails a putt will put tears in his eyes.

Of course, it won’t happen until he’s alone in the den and he hears it yapping at him, but trust me, it’ll happen.

Another thing you can give a guy who likes to ‘do’ rather than ‘have’ is sign him up for an event. If he’s a NASCAR dude and will fit inside a racecar, sign him up for a day of racing school.

There’s nothing like being able to look at your other guy friends and say “Aww, that’s cake — I’ve done that!” when your favorite driver cuts off a competitor on the second-to-last corner.

Here are some great gifts ideas for men:

  • Cologne or Perfume
  • Stylish Wallet
  • Watch
  • iPod Touch or iPhone
  • Gift Certificate
  • Soft T-Shirt
  • Ties (Specially fun ties!)
  • Cool Key Chain
  • Shaving Gear
  • Wine Gift Basket
  • Sony PlayStation (videogames)
  • Apple MacBook or Laptop
  • Webcam
  • Plasma HDTV
  • Xbox game (videogames)
  • Home Theater Kits
  • Concert or Movie tickets
  • Cigar Samplers
  • Business Books
  • Personalized Embroidered Leather Dopp Kit
  • Camping Lantern

The varieties of experience are endless, and they’re ALL unique enough that they’ll create a lasting memory: parasailing for the risky, hang gliding for the daring, bungee jumping for the insane, and eating fugu if you’re really unattached to your continued existence.

Even if what the man you’re gifting likes is sitting around surfing the Internet all day, you can find an experience that will make him smile in his sleep — try signing him up to the next huge worldwide Counterstrike tournament, or making a World of Warcraft character of your own and staging an in-game wedding. That’s the kind of stuff that shows a guy you really ‘get it’ (even if you don’t really, that’s OK, we love you for trying.)

Making your man happy enough to claim he’s got something in his eye isn’t necessarily spending a crapload of money on the latest uber-gizmo, though that will often work.

Instead, look for a way to access the secret part of him that is a fanboy about his hidden obsession, and turn it into something unexpected. Unusual gifts for men don’t have to be expensive — as long as they’re cool in that way that says that yes, you are in fact willing to put up with our weird little quirks, we couldn’t be happier.

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Romantic Christmas Gifts for Men

It is often difficult to determine just what to buy a man for Christmas. This is particularly true when you are searching for Romantic Christmas Gifts For Men. If you want to purchase the man in your life something romantic for the upcoming holidays there are many things on the market today.

Christmas Gifts for Men

First, nothing says love quite like baked goods. This is a good idea if the man in your life does not also live in your house. If you are not married and do not live together, baking him something special is an excellent idea.

Put it in a holiday container or something that peaks his interest. For example, if he likes sports you can find a sports related container to hold your goodies.

Massage oils are another wonderful romantic Christmas gift for men. Choose a selection in scents that he likes and put them all in a basket or get creative and intertwine your massage oil gifts with something that he enjoys.

You might put them into a tool bag if he likes tinkering with things or a sports bag for the sport lover. Use your imagination for the holder and choose massage oils and even a book on the art of massage. You can add scented bath salts if you want and as well as a selection of shower gels in his favorite scent.

If he likes collecting then choose gifts that will fit in with his collections. You can find many antique baseball cards, fishing lures and other items if you spend some time researching various online retail websites and auction sites.

Choose something for which he has a true passion. If he likes model cars then find an older model car kit. Rare and hard to locate items make wonderful romantic gifts. You may also consider simply taking a wicker basket and filling it with a bottle of wine or champagne and two wine glasses. You can insert a gift certificate to a favorite hotel or even a weekend away.

Think about what you feel is romantic and use that to choose something really special as romantic Christmas gifts for men. A mini vacation is something that everyone will appreciate and when presented in the right way it can be the most romantic gift in the world. Christmas gifts for men is not easy but it does not have to be impossible either. A little research goes a long way in finding the perfect gift for the man in your life.

More Useful Gift Ideas For Christmas: