5 Top Gifts For Fitness Lovers

Purchasing a gift for someone who is a fitness enthusiast can be extremely difficult, especially since they are often in enthralled in the lifestyle.

Fitness Lovers Gifts

With that being said, you can imagine that they would be extremely happy with gym-related gifts, which can either help them perform or could help look a little better at the gym.

To help you out we’ve come up with 5 gifts you should buy for fitness enthusiasts.

Vegetable Spiral Slicers

A vegetable spiral slicer may seem as though it’s a small gift, however, it arrives with large benefit. Fitness enthusiasts or gym goers will always tell you how important it is to concentrate on your diet, rather than just constantly working out and not seeing results.

Vegetable Spiral Slicers

The vegetable spiral slicer helps cut down the time taken to prep your meals, which is exactly what you need after a long hard day at work and the gym.

The Amazing Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a dream for all gym lovers as they do not interfere with your workout.

However, as much as wireless headphones are a saviour, you also don’t want to be disrupted by the connection of your music during your workout, so it’s important to get decent ones.

Wireless headphones will always be an ever present throughout your workouts, regardless of whether you’re doing spin classes, weight lifting or cardio.

Gym Clothing

Gym wear is the perfect gift for all those enthralled in fitness and the gym. With the constant movements and demands, gym wear is perfect, especially as you can go through them so quickly. It doesn’t matter what type of gym clothing you purchase, it just matters on the fact that you purchase it.

Gym wear

Take a look at everything; however, it might be useful to get them something that they can also use outside the gym like a zip up hoodie.

Whether you look at their older collections and get something their missing, or you get them another one of their favourites, gym clothing is the perfect present.

FitBits? Yes, FitBits

FitBits are extremely underrated devices that simply do not get enough recognition. Many are unaware how much FitBits can actually do for you and are unaware that it is physical and visual representation of how active you are and how active you thrive to be.


Not only can it track you during your participation in physical activities but it can also monitor and track the number of hours sleep you get and can help you improve on your daily movement and activities.

Body & Muscle Rub

Body and muscle rub is extremely important for anyone who exercises, especially as it is important to your workouts.

You can simply throw it in your gym bag and all that is needed is for you to apply it after a workout, which in turn will help you with sore muscles and still joints.

There are many different brands you can choose from but body and muscle rub could be one of the best presents you purchase.

5 Best Flowers to Make Your More Beautiful

Flowers have always played a major role in decorating our special days. Many of you are also aware that flowers also have a great role to play in our beauty regimen. Most of the beauty products are made with extracts from certain flowers. But you can enjoy better results if you use these flowers directly and naturally. Take a look below and apply these tips in your daily routine and become more beautiful.

Rose: This is the most popular flower of the world for its soothing fragrance and intense beauty. From online flower shops in Hong Kong, you can get it as a gift for someone close. You must have crossed poetic lines where the lips of a woman is compared with a rose petal. Actually rose works great for a beautiful lip. Take some red rose petals and crush that and mix with a few drops of honey. Apply this paste on your lips for a week and see the change. Rose petals can be made into a paste along with some milk and honey and this would be a great weekend face pack that would make your face supple and brighter.

Hibiscus: Since ages, hibiscus has been regarded as a great hair conditioner. You would require 10-15 hibiscus flower petals which you have to boil in a pan. Now, cool down the water and rinse your hair with this water after shampoo. The hair loss would be gone and hair would become shinier. Follow this regimen for twice a week to see a change.

Jasmine: This is one of the best flowers whose fragrance is really captivating. Those who have a dry skin would get better benefits from these petals. Add a few drops of coconut oil to jasmine petals and apply that over your skin and see the glow. In case you suffer from wrinkles that would also go away.

Chamomile: You must start growing this plant in your home to extract maximum benefit out of it. It would work as a beauty agent and also as a sleep inducing element. You can make tea out of it to improve your digestion. Talking on beauty tips, you have to take some dried chamomile petals and mix with lemon juice and raw milk. Apply this face pack and keep it for 5-10 minutes and get rid of blackheads and pigments.

Lavender: Many of our talcum powder contains lavender which not only has a great fragrance but also some soothing qualities. The most important aspect is the skin lightening property. All you have to do is boil some of the petals in plain water. Strain the water and then add some oats powder to prepare a fine paste. Keep the pack for at least 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. A ravishing skin would woo others for sure.

Four Honeymoon Gift Ideas

Choosing the right honeymoon gift for newlyweds can be difficult at times, especially if they don’t particularly know what they would like themselves.

However, there are a few gifts that will always work no matter what they are interested or what their taste.

We have put together a list of four of these gifts, each of which are sure to be a winner for the bride and groom to be while they are away on their honeymoon:

Spa Day

guest_activities_and_services_shuiqi_spa_and_fitness__24_09_2014_3173extNo one would be disappointed if they received a spa day, not even the groom! Although he might be hesitant at first, as soon as he gets a massage he will be converted for life!

There are so many amazing spas around the world located at a number of the best hotels and resorts that offer an array of treatments – from massages to facials, body wraps to reflexology – that you can choose from.

Additionally, if you can’t choose just one treatment, most spas offer packages that include a number of treatments for a reasonable price, with the additional option of adding a brunch or a high tea, to complete the experience.

A Romantic Dinner

Heard about this amazing restaurant in Rome? Or an eatery that you would love to visit in Bermuda? Use the knowledge of the places you have heard about or the recommendations that have been made to you in order to find the perfect spot to treat the bride and groom to a delicious dinner.

Do some research and find out what the best restaurants are in the area they are staying – or even at the hotel they are staying at – and book a table and give them enough money to pay for their meal, some bubbles and the taxi ride back.

This gives the bride and groom a special treat that they do not have to worry about paying for, allowing them to relax and indulge in something truly delicious without having to stick to a budget.

A Weekend Away

honeymoonsIs the bride and groom not going away on a honeymoon? This is quite common, as many couples save up and spend all of their money on the wedding, meaning they do not have the funds to go away after the wedding.

If you know that this is the case with the couple’s wedding you are attending, think about gifting a weekend away that they can enjoy in place of a honeymoon.

Weekends away can be pricey, too, don’t get me wrong, so if you cannot afford to fund the weekend away yourself, if you know some other guests attending the wedding why not all contribute to the weekend getaway to make up the funds?

This way they can have a short break away and enjoy some time in a luxurious Dubai hotel suite without the financial burden of booking a two-week honeymoon.

A Photoshoot

events_weddings_11_11_2013_29hrMost people opt to have a photographer documenting their wedding day, ensuring they have beautiful images that they can look at for years to come. However, not a lot of people opt to have a photoshoot while on their honeymoon.

Providing you with completely different imagery, give the bride and groom a honeymoon photoshoot that will give them images of just themselves enjoying their time away. This is a great gift idea that provides them with more memories in a different setting and together as a newlywed couple.

Don’t get stuck on gifting ideas for your friend’s wedding, think outside the box if you do not want to get them a general gift that they would expect, and surprise them!

Special and Romantic 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife


In the first place anniversary is a unique time for each hitched couple. It is the principal chance for them to praise their commemoration of their union. Everybody needs to utilize this chance to demonstrate their affection on each other.

One of the most ideal approaches to express the amount you adore your relationship is giving gifts for anniversary. With regards to looking on first commemoration blessing thoughts, you will go over numerous classifications including extraordinary, nostalgic, inventive, customary blessing thoughts. Indeed, even today, the customary blessing thoughts have an unmistakable spot in the rundown of first commemoration blessing thoughts.

Gift Basket


Get a masterful blessing bushel and fill it with the things that she loves. You can give your sweetheart a crate of her most loved chocolate or group of excellent blooms. Bunch of red rose is additionally a superb decision to propose your affection. On the other hand DVD of sentimental tunes, make up set, shower set, motion picture tickets, vouchers for shopping in her most loved store. Beautify the wicker container with alluring shading tissue papers. You can likewise fill the wicker container with rundown of first commemoration blessing thoughts.

Prepare a Photo Frame


Photograph casing is one of the colossal first commemoration blessing thoughts. In this blessing classification, you can make your customized blessing by including your awesome recollections. Set up a photograph outline with the photos of you both. Present a photograph booklet with all the youth paramount exercises of your accomplice. This is the fabulous approach to give your significant other recollections.

Love Letter or Poetry


Compose your sweetheart with an affection letter. Love letter or verse is the amazing one among the rundown of first commemoration blessing thoughts. Utilize this blessing as the best approach to demonstrate your affections for her. Incorporate what you value in your 1 year of marriage life beyond any doubt it will make her glad. You can even compose beautiful and meaningful poetry to impress your wife and make her feel special on this auspicious day.

Impress Her with Paper Gifts


Painting, surrounded craftsmanship, books, stationary are imaginative paper commemoration endowments. Everybody likes cash; thus, cash, blessing testaments and sparing bonds are a portion of the best things to display.

Another paper blessing thought is available a scrapbook loaded with recollections. Include the photos of your wedding, vacation and other unique occasion of you both. Utilize the sentimental quotes in every page to finish it. Gather the quotes from your family and companions about your relationship and include it the scrapbook.

Anniversary Flowers


On the off chance that your mate is enthusiastic on specialties and expressions, and you need to esteem her advantage, you can go for the origami blooms. It is not such a simple thing to get immaculate at first time. In the event that you pick in light of your expertise level, it will be simple for you.

At the tenderfoot level, it is anything but difficult to make origami blooms. In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to be inventive, attempt to make lily and you can even send flowers UK. Your significant other wills awe by the exertion and time that you have spent for this blessing.

Media Moments


This is the awesome one in the commemoration endowments thoughts. Gather the photos of your delighted in minutes or event and outline a slide show with an affection tune out of sight. On the other hand, on the off chance that she is insane on a computer game buy her a most recent bundle of the amusement. On the off chance that your companion is fun sweetheart, show her the comic drama DVDs.



Ladies are constantly wild about adornments. There is no preferred present for ladies over the gems. The commemoration endowments thoughts list won’t be satisfied without including adornments as the one. Diamond setters like arm jewelry or jewelry are the best blessings that remind you.

Present a voucher of her most loved shop to buy a precious stone adornments she loves. Remember that ring is an image of engagement and marriage, so abstain from introducing ring as the commemoration blessing.

Personalized Wedding Keepsake


Another good one in the rundown of Top first commemoration blessing thoughts is wedding mementos. Indeed, first commemoration is the great time to blessing the remembrance to memorialize your late wedding.

Encircled cartoons or your photographs in wedding garments are the cool approaches to make her recall the excellent event. Surrounded beautifying marriage authentication is additionally the finest one of wedding tokens.

Go for a Romantic Date


Aside from buying blessings, another good one in the rundown of main 10 first commemoration blessing thoughts is treating her to a degenerate date. Arrangement a supper at her most loved eatery.

Organize a visit to a sentimental spot or the spot that needs to visit. Book tickets for a show or occasion she would appreciate, for example, music appear or recreations. Present her with the film ticket of her most loved star. Mastermind a sentimental supper with the dishes she prefers more.

How to Celebrate Kids Birthday in Classroom


Apart from the house party, wonder surprise for the kid is celebrating birthday in a classroom. It excites more to children showing his or her birthday celebrated with teacher and class mates. But there are some restriction and norms that both the parents and teacher need to follow.

Sometimes it creates chaos in the school. It is compulsory for both teacher and parents to follow the regulations and let the kid celebrate birthday in classroom with fullest. Our top quality gift shop consumes the best Online Birthday Flowers to send in birthday party premises across the world.

What Parents Can Do

Surprise Birthday:

Every time you celebrate your kid’s birthday at home or outdoors. Plan this year’s birthday party in a classroom to give them a special surprise. What a pleasant surprise it will be for them when their class mates and favorite teacher will applaud them with Happy Birthday claps.


But parents should not avoid the rules followed by school administrator. Previously it was possible to cut a cake or bring a cup cake in the class and celebrate the birthday fullest. But over the time scenario is changed. Looking to health part, now cake or baked recipes are not allowed to bring in birthday.

There is a huge mass of students and not everyone can afford this type of gesture. So for parents it is advisable that send a fruits favor for the whole classroom. Get the fruits shaped in animals, put it into a bowl and wrap it with silver foil paper. Give a tooth pick stick to eat the fruits in the best hygienic way.

Prepare the fruit cake with pineapple, orange, banana slices. It will be the best treat for the school age children.

Birthday Craft Ideas:

Birthday-Craft-ideasBirthday themed craft idea is really a wonder idea to join the kids in making creative craft. Let the kids busy in making crown for the birthday kid. Give silver or golden paper to make the crown for the birthday kid.

Or else let the kids busy in making three layer cake with hard card board and fill the cake with crumbled pieces of tissue paper.

Give them enough painting material like paint brush, water color, crayons, sketch pens to decorate a giant card.

Party Favors:


If the snacks or chocolates are not allowed to give a treat, fill the thank you bag with stationary utensils. You can give pencils, notepad, eraser, rubber, stickers, a sketch to color, crayons and many you can think for. For the 10 to 15 years children puzzle book or GK book is also a great idea to increase their IQ level.

What a Teacher Can Do

Create a Birthday Display:


Children always get excited when they are given attention in the mass of students. Birthday display board is the best way to identify birth date of each and every student. Make a 12 month card and fill the birthdates of each and every student. With this teacher will get an idea whose birthday is coming near.

Teacher can create a birthday display card or garland personalized with their name. They will get delighted when their name is displayed on the garland or board.

Birthday Game Ideas


Teacher can make their students’ birthday memorable playing birthday games inside the class. For the school age children you can plan a musical chair, pin the tail on the donkey or make them busy in playing with balloons. Get non-inflated Mylar balloons and let the children enjoy playing with it.

For more fun prepare the paper hat, stickers, a noisemaker, a bag of confetti, birthday candle to enjoy the celebration. For more elder students you can arrange the quiz competition related to birthday vocabulary and other classic birthday party games.

Some Other things for Teacher

In some schools there is a restriction of celebrating birthday in classroom. But still a teacher can make their day by giving a crafty crown he or she has to wear in the classroom for the day. Or teacher can give them a title of “Star of the Day” honor to make them a special person of this world for the day.

For those students birthday coming in vacation or holiday time, teacher can arrange a small party of snacks, pretzels and clap happy birthday at the end of month.

Get the same day flowers delivery from our nearest flowers shop from here. So these are some principles and ethics for celebrating birthday in classroom. If you are unknown about the ethics of birthday celebration you can speak to class teacher and arrange it taking their help.

Nothing to worry about it, just you need to follow the simple regulations of school. Parent’s co-operation is indeed a great help for teacher celebrating birthday in classroom.

Some Unique Gift Ideas For Your Pretty One And Only One


Robert Burns has immortalized a rose with his poetry- “My love is like a red,red rose.” And this metaphor is true in the sense that it really signifies a symbolical attachment when it is gifted to a special one, a simple truth that cannot be expressed in any other way.

A gift is unique commodity to which we attach some meaning which touches the receiver in a way that the giver wants to. It might be a firecracker flower to explode your emotions or it might even be a piece of a chocolate or a sensitive soft toy like a pink cat! And if she wants to look pretty for you, why don’t you take her out on a date and simply give her a makeup kit which will touch her in ways you can’t imagine.

A woman is difficult to understand but easy to please if you touch her with a thoughtful gift which will act as an expression of your inner delight in her company.

Red Rose Plant Gift Set


A red rose in a compact gift basket along with a vintage bottle of champagne can do more wonders to your relation than a 1000 words can do. Because of the fragrance and the simplicity of the gift for her can change the course of your dinner tonight! Go to, Send flowers UK and change your conjugal life.

Firecracker Flower


A firecracker is an exquisite bouquet consisting of an eclectic collection of cerise pink roses along with a touch of burgundy chrysanthemums and conspicuous alstroemeria. Use send flowers uk to touch your loved one’s life with this classy gift for her. These gifts are especially liked by girls and one can win the heart of their better half by gifting this attractive gift.

Dark Chocolate Marc de Champagne Truffles


A chocolate is a common gift but if you can make the right choice you can make her delighted. For instance a dark chocolate never fails to create that delicious bond with your delicate one.

Dark chocolate is in true sense a great gift item for any occasion. If you are puzzled with the selection of the right kind of gift, you can get it as gift without wasting much of the time. This because, dark chocolate is loved by most of us and will make a great gift item.

Milly the Cat

Milly-the-CatA cat might not be a very sensitive gift for her, but a hassle free gift can be Milly the Cat which is a cute soft toy just about the right size. And oh! He is pink! Go to send flowers uk to catch him and give it to the nice lady. It would certainly create a good impression of yours.

Pretty Woman Gift Bundle

Pretty-Woman-Gift-BundleA makeup gift is an artistic and thoughtful way of earning the trust and love you deserve from your pretty girl who can use it for all purposes of her toiletry.

There is  a Prestat chocolate assortment box, decorated in pink and blue and intricately adorned with gold twirls, containing 9 beautifully presented and handcrafted gourmet chocolates, a mini-sized white Abahna grapefruit and a May Chang fragrance which comes within a sleek silver atomizeralong with a colored tassel, perfect to be slipped into a handbag, and an adorable little teddy bear with a smart brown scarf.

This is perhaps the best gift for her on a special occasion to win her heart.

Thus buy a thoughtful gift for your pretty girl and change your life with her as you keep her company.

8 Interesting Facts About Gift – Infographic

Exchanging gift is a popular way of showing appreciation. Gifting could be an excellent idea to express your gratitude, affection or unconditional love to any individual. Generally, gifts are given on various occasions including birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, promotion, having a new child, getting a new job etc.

While we tend to consider gifting as a natural process, there are more complex things at work. Things like choosing the best gift, finding the most suitable gift idea for the occasion, considering the recipient etc. plays vital role in the whole process.

If you love the idea of gifting, you are bound to find the following infographic very useful. It includes 8 very interesting facts about gifts. Once you check out these facts, you will be more confident in choosing the best gifts for any occasion while avoiding any awkward situation. Without further ado, let’s check out the infographic below.​


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Perfect Gift Ideas For A Housewarming Party

Truly, the purchase of a new home is but a defining moment for anyone’s lives. For every American, this is the realization of one of the most common American dreams. And for many, this is the visible proof that indeed, hard work, perseverance and determination will yield to achieving something that is of great value.

Even from the past century, this kind of celebration has already been part of the American’s colourful culture. Well, cultures and customs are dynamic and it may change overtime, however, we have to note that the very reason why we celebrate such event is still known by most American even until these days.


Primarily, because of the significance of a housewarming celebration, it must not be celebrated alone. Every human has their social needs, and it must be fulfilled. We need some connections with other individuals, may it be with a friend, with a family, with a fiancee or even with a close neighbour, and these individuals will help us recognize this great achievement in our lives.

Basically, as a friend or as a family member, if you are invited to come to a housewarming party, it is just fitting that you make time for such event. This will be the least thing that you can do to show your love and support to someone for such achievement in his/her life.

Now, in the event that you may go to a housewarming party, and you want to take a gift, then never hesitate to do so. There could be no standard amount to spend for a certain gift.

May you bought it at store or baked at home, from simple tools to kitchen utensils or baked cookies to DIY arts, wine gift sets or a gift certificate for some dinner, always make sure to remember the paramount rule in gift giving – it should be personal and intentional. Below are some cool gift ideas you can bring to a housewarming party.

A Fine Wine With a Corkscrew With it

Popping bottles could be one of the best alternative ways in saying congratulations. Basically, when it comes to parties like this, wines are just so common host gift. Perhaps this is due to the reason that you are going to find a hard time looking for someone who does not like it.

So get some fine wine and if you are extra generous, perhaps you can have a new electric corkscrew to go with it.

A Handy Tool Gift Basket

Primarily, every household would need a simple tool which they can use to hang shelves, make some simple repairs or even by building some furniture. Well if you know that the host does not have one yet, you can actually put together some handy basics and put it in a small gift basket.

You may include a measuring tape, a hammer, screw drivers, screws and nail. Or perhaps you can also have some duct tapes, command hooks, wipes and other tools or necessities that the host will get a lot of use of.

Scented Candles

In this very traditional occasion, candles can also be ideal as a gift and they are actually considered by many as the best of all common house warming gifts. Back centuries ago, candles actually symbolized as the gift of light for the person’s new home.

But, in the present times, they have already been used in the bathrooms or kitchen to keep the entire room smelling fresh and clean all the time. You can have various choices when it comes to scented candles, they come in different smell, shapes, sizes and prices.

Potted Plants

Plants literally can add more life to the home making it as one of the best items you could ever bring to a house warming events.


Perfect bath products could actually work so well as a housewarming gift, considering that it can be both luxurious and helpful.

How To Get Better At Giving Gifts

It’s not something that we often give much thought to, but there is actually a fine art to giving gifts that will be well received and that will mean a lot to the recipient.

Giving a good gift should mean giving something that the recipient wants, but wouldn’t necessarily have bought from themselves. Giving a great gift means giving them something they really want but hadn’t even thought of/weren’t aware of.


When you give a present you should not only be able to affect someone’s day to day and make life better for them in the short term, but you should also be able to demonstrate that you know the person well, that you were thinking of them and that you are generally thoughtful.

Here we will look at how to give gifts that will tick all those boxes and how to evolve yourself as a gift-giver.

The Element of Surprise

Element of Surprise

This isn’t always going to be an option, but when you can give someone a gift out of the blue then this is a fantastic way to show that you were thinking of them and that you care.

One of the best ways to do this is to send a gift when you’re not local to the recipient. For instance, sending flowers or a hamper online to a friend or a member of family is a great way to show you’re thinking of them and to remind them of you and it will make for a brilliant surprise that will lift their day.

Thought Versus Usefulness

Flowers and hampers are also great gifts because they demonstrate thought and consideration on your part. You will have chosen the selection of foods or flowers because you know the recipient is likely to appreciate them, and that will in turn show that it took you more than a few minutes.

At the same time though, flowers/hampers will still be professionally put together and useful – don’t make the mistake of thinking that people prefer every gift to be homemade because unless you’re incredibly gifted that’s often not the case.

Some creativity is good. Time and consideration is good. But handcrafting something out of glue and paper is often just awkward…

Knowing the Person

When you give bigger gifts meanwhile you will have the opportunity to push the boat out a little more and do something that the recipient will really appreciate and enjoy.

Again though, the trick is to think about that person and the kinds of things they enjoy and like: and then to go with a less obvious version that fits with that.

You can do this with a moodboard – write down the name of your friend or relative and then write down/draw all of the things that they like and that you know about them.

What defines them as a person? Are they a homemaker who loves having guests round and throwing parties? Do they love fine china and tea sets? Or are they an artistic type with lots of piercings and colourful clothes? Would they maybe like a tie-dye set?

Get to the root of who your person is, and the rest should come easily…

Today’s feature writer, Theo Ananiadis, runs Australian Gourmet Gifts which provides a range of corporate hampers as gifting solutions. During his spare time, he enjoys watching movies at home.

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10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Any Occasion


While most gifts are well appreciated, there’ something special about making someone a DIY gift, so here are a few great ideas to make something special for any occasion.

10. Leaf bowl

This is an easy way to give someone a house warming gift, especially around the autumn, but it can be made the year round and for any occasion using fresh leaves instead of their fallen brothers.

Simply stick leaves to the bottom of a well blown balloon with wallpaper paste (add 25% PVA if you want to give it a little more strength) in the shape of a bowl. Once the glue has set, you just pop the balloon and you’re left with a very cool DIY leaf bowl. If you want to make it even more secure you can pain it with some clear varnish.

9. Jar lamps

This will help to make anyone’s garden look like a fantasy setting and there are a couple of options to go down dependant on how adventurous you want to be. At its simplest this is just a case of superglueing a basic candle holder to the bottom of a well cleaned jar.

Add a candle and a little flame and voila, you’ve got some very cool outdoor lighting on your hands.

However, if you want to take this to the next level, you can get a lamp light fitting and attach it to the lid to hang up some very smart looking indoor lights that can be clustered together to create a very unique effect.

They make great gifts and they’re a lot easier than they look to make. All you need to do is cut a hole in the jam jar lid (either with a sharp craft knife or with a series of nail piercings), screw the light fitting either side, add the light bulb and plug it in.

Make sure you put an appropriately sized bulb and fitting for your jar for safety reasons. A 50watt bulb in a little small pickle jar does not make a good gift to a loved one.

8. Personalised sweet jars

There’s more jar based entertainment here to easily personalise a plain old jar with your own candy labels. If you’re super crafty you can hand-make the labels with all sorts of different coloured pens and card, flowers, beads, ribbons etc.

However, if you’re skills lie more with a computer than hand craft then you can run up a quick design on photoshop or another design package, print it off and stick it on to the jar with a little Elmers or PVA glue. If you’re good enough to make your own sweets too then that’ll probably win you a few prizes for effort.

7. Scrabble picture frame

This is another real easy equation.

1 very basic picture frame + an old scrabble set x a little superglue = genius

We’ll let you fill in the blanks, but if you want to add a little extra cuteness to the gift, make sure you spell out a few choice words. Leave a comment below if you genuinely are struggling though.

6. Homemade personal fragrance soap

This sounds a lot fancier than it is, but it will definitely bring a real touch of class to your homemade gift giving. All you need is a batch of fragrance free liquid soap (preferably moisturising), a stylish soap dispenser and access to the person you’re making it for’s favourite aftershave or perfume.

Pour the liquid soap into a clean jug, stir in an egg cup full of the aftershave or perfume and pour carefully into the soap dispenser. Every time they wash their hands they’ll get a subtle note of their favourite fragrance to brighten up their day.

5. Sharpie mugs

This is another brilliant DIY gift idea and all you need for it is a plain ceramic mug (although you could do this with cups, bowls and plates) a sharpie pen and an oven.

You can write or draw anything on there you like including colourful pictures, sweet messages, jokes or even a fun news article from the day they were born. Once you’re happy with what you’ve got, put the mug in a preheated oven for 30-45 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius/300 degrees fahrenheit to lock on the ink.

Just make sure you let the person you give it to know that it shouldn’t go in the dish washer. It’s fine with hand washing, but on a hot cycle in the dish washer the ink will start to come away.

4. Personalised tea towels

Again, this is about embellishing pretty plain items. Get a pack of 4 plain white tea towels, a ball of thick twine and a whole host of sew-on beads, sequins, cute buttons and ribbons. Choose one place of interest to be your marker on each of the towels and sew on a little of your embellishments in either a cluster, shape or a small pattern.

Fold each of the towels with the embellishment section facing upwards and stack them. Wrap them criss-crossed with the twine and tie off in a bow. It’s a sweet gift and they’ll think of you every time they use them.

This isn’t necessarily an easy one to master at its most impressive, but there are ways to make it easier and a lot cooler than just a cleverly folded piece of currency. Get a book of origami and your crisp bank notes of choice.

You can either be brave and make the most adventurous origami money you can, or you can simply fold up a couple of paper aeroplanes fives. Put your creation in a little gift box on top of the book and you’ve got a fun present that also gives them a little pocket money for them to spend on something for themselves.

2. Homemade fridge magnets

This is another clever way to make your own gifts for any occasion. They’re pretty simple to make and can be as creative as you want it to be. It’s just a case of getting a few flat magnets from the craft store and supergluing whatever you want to the front of it. Little cuddly toys, family pictures and small note books all work well.

1. Glammed up flip flops

This last idea is perhaps one of the most in need of a good level of craft skill and eye for detail. However, that’s not to say it isn’t a simple process to follow. Like the personalised towels it’s just a case of sewing on some embellishments to them, but unlike the towels your average flip flop doesn’t have anything to sew onto.

The trick to this is to wrap the rubber thong area tightly with thin white ribbon, securing it at the base with a small stitch and a little super glue. Wrap the ribbon around the base of each stem and intertwine it part way over the top, before securing it off once again with another stitch and trickle of glue.

Now you have a base to bling up your basis flip flops with sew-on beads, buttons and sequins to put your own touch on a great gift.

This guest post was written by the editor of Tuppence Magazine entertainment news