Top 5 Vintage Christmas Decorations For 2017

Vintage Christmas Decorations

We have just a few months to go before Christmas, so it is important to be prepared and ensure that everything is in order. Decorations play a significant role in many homes during the Xmas holidays.

So much that in many locations around the world it has become a tradition to decorate the surroundings in favor of the joyous Christmas spirit.

Although the list of different Xmas decorations available might be endless, we’ll focus on a few timeless vintage products that come in the from old collections with the added benefit of almost never going out of style.

Here at Christmas Tree Source, we wanted to show you some love by presenting you with five beautiful vintage Christmas decorations for this year’s celebrations.

Ceramic Christmas Trees

Ceramic Christmas Trees

A Ceramic Christmas Tree is a type of Xmas decoration that was used mostly in the 1970’s. They were typically made using clay molds which were shaped into a Xmas tree, glazed, and painted. Companies later introduced lighted versions of these trees into the ceramic industry at later stages as well.

Unfortunately, as time went by, people began to lose interest in making the trees. There was an influx of readily made ceramics from Asian countries such as China and Japan which made it more convenient to purchase them instead of making them from scratch.

However, vintage ceramic Christmas trees are now back in demand as more people are looking to bring back the Christmas spirit of the 70’s and 80’s.

They can be bought from online shops such as Amazon and eBay, but you can see many of the best ceramic Christmas Trees in this guide. Many of the mold designs sold are vintage while the tree is new.

Various tree options are available such as trees with lights; snow covered branches, attractive colors and more. The tree sizes can vary from 5-inches to 24-inches while some can even be larger than that.

Xmas Stockings

xmas stocking

Xmas stockings are traditional Xmas decorations that have been passed from generation to generation. They are usually made using high-quality yarn wools that are knit by hand. They are designed to look similar to a sock or stocking and mostly come in an L-Shaped form.

Christmas stockings are usually hung on Christmas eve so that they can be filled with candy, fruit, small toys or coins. Most young children are led to believe that it is Santa Claus who fills them up.

Some traditional western cultures also warned children that if they behaved poorly during the year, they would only receive a piece of coal in their stocking. Some stockings can also be personalized to have the family member’s name on it or have a Xmas holiday theme such as stars or a reindeer.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments, or otherwise known as Christmas baubles, are decorations that are used to adorn a Xmas tree. Design shapes and sizes are endless and can be as a simple round form to intricate artistic designs.

They normally have a combination of decorations created by family members and commercially produced ornaments and tend to be reused yearly rather than purchased again and again.

These family ornament collections are expanded and passed on from generation to generation. Besides the simple round ball, other common types of decorations used include candy canes, Santa Claus figure, snowflakes, snowmen, fruits, angels, and animals.

Vintage Christmas Manger Scenes

Vintage Christmas Manger Scenes

The Vintage Christmas Manager Scene, otherwise known as the Nativity Scene, is a unique exhibition that consists of artistic objects which represent the birth of Jesus Christ.

The objects are usually model figures in the shape of humans and animals that represent various people present during the birth of Jesus Christ such as Mary, her husband Joseph, baby Jesus, The Wise Men, shepherds, and angels. Different types of nativity scenes and traditions have been created all over the world and are commonly seen during the Xmas season in homes, churches, shopping malls, and other venues.

Santa Sleighs

Santa Sleighs

Santa Claus, or otherwise known as Father Christmas, is a figure of western origins who is said to appear during the Xmas Season to bring gifts to well-behaved children.

His primary method of transporting himself and the gifts from house to house is supposed to be a sleigh that is pushed by reindeer. There are many types of Santa Sleigh Christmas decorations available today.

Some are small figures made of ceramics or plastic that are placed indoors, and some are large constructed pieces made of wood or metal that are typically placed outdoors.

While a Santa Sleighs may not be a typical type of decoration that you would see in most homes or public places, it is still a great and unique way of spreading the Xmas spirit to friends and family.

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Christmas 2017 Clothing Gift Ideas

We are now officially approaching the time of the year where the Christmas festivities begin we start putting our trees and decorations up. Of course, one of the biggest aspects of Christmas is getting gifts for your friends and family.

We sometimes get in the habit of recycling the same type of gifts year after year and instead of having fun purchasing presents, it can actually become a bit of a chore.

A way to get past this is by buying presents that are on trend with the current lines of fashion that are coming out – so let’s discuss what these are.

Mens Jackets

Bomber jackets have certainly become one of the most popular items of clothing for outdoor wear over the past year with every major clothing retailer now stocking different variations of the jacket.

These can range from parka hoods, long line and Harrington which are cut to fit either men or women, some of these can actually be unisex too if you want to purchase a bomber jacket with a couple of people in mind!

Mens Jackets

Most bomber jackets are usually worn with casual outfits and can be worn with either a pair of jeans or joggers and this multi-functional use is one of the reasons they are so popular.

Bomber jackets are certainly one of the most on-trend Christmas gifts you could purchase this year and should be a definite purchase if you are looking for an item of clothing that is with the times.

The Brands to Keep in Mind

There are certain clothing brands such as Nike, Adidas or Ralph Lauren which are always popular regardless of the year. But there are a number of brands which are ‘hot’ in different seasons and one to go for in 2016 is the ever-growing Antony Morato.

This is a brand that have men’s clothing that is wearable, accessible and high quality. Their clothing range includes men’s t-shirts, jeans and trainers that suit both smart and casual styles.

Brands Mind

This brand certainly follows the chic and trendy outfits we are starting to see more of and they have put their own spin on it which makes it a great choice.

Another brand that has really come to the forefront is Android Homme, which sell handmade footwear that is guaranteed to get noticed and be appreciated as gift by anyone who has an eye for contemporary and modern styles.

Sports Luxe Clothing

The sports luxe clothing trend is one that has been on the periphery of the clothing trend for a few years now but in 2016 it has definitely come through into the mainstream.

The trend incorporates mixing smarter clothing with sportswear so you will have to keep this in mind when getting gifts for somebody as it would include buying more than one item of clothing.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Geek

Who better to tell you what to buy for your geeky friend or a family member than a geek himself? Let’s take a look at the list: Star Wars, Star Trek, Half Life, Mass Effect – you name it, I love it all! Being a geek nowadays is much easier than it was several decades ago.

Favorite Geek

There are so many geeks around you that it’s easy to fit in and consider them your peers. However, when it comes to buying presents, you’ll be in trouble no matter how geeky you are – there are just too many choices! That’s why we’re bringing you a list of the best Christmas gift ideas for the geek you love.

The Bobble Head Geek

bobble head geek

Image source:

Everyone enjoys bobble heads, especially the geeks. They come in all shapes and sizes, featuring the appearances of all our favorite musicians, athletes, actors, heroes and villains – even politicians.

And they are so adorable! That’s why these collectible toys are so popular and in demand during the holiday season. Of course, there are some you should avoid – particularly if you’re into sports – but the others will make a great present.

The Clothes Geek

It seems that these two words are already contradicting each other – geeks generally do not care for fancy clothes, but that doesn’t mean some of them don’t like looking stylish every once in awhile.

That’s why a themed piece of clothing is always a good option: a Marvel-inspired T-shirt, a jacket featuring a DC emblem, or a baseball cap with the logo of their favorite TV show.

Or, on the other hand, you can go all in and pick something completely different, like an Assassin’s Creed hoodie! It’s comfortable, yet quite geeky, so it’s a win-win choice. Of course, you can make one of these yourself, but an original is a sure thing.

The Phone Geek

Image source:

Image source:

We all know a guy who’s constantly on his phone, texting and writing e-mails. However, while his behavior can annoy us, he’s still our friend and deserves something nice for his birthday or Christmas.

So, why not buy him something he desperately needs – more energy for his phone. Even though a backup battery might be a good idea, a power bank is an even better one.

That way, your friend can stay glued to his phone for much longer and charge it via a micro USB cable any time he wants.

The Undecided Geek

What if your friend, brother, cousin or boyfriend isn’t sure what kind of a geek he really is, and you yourself can’t tell what the best Christmas gift would be? Geeks are quite peculiar and not everyone who’s not a geek themselves figure them out.

Therefore, buying a wrong present is easier than you may think, and the consequences are horrible. So, thinking outside the box, you’ll soon realize that customized Christmas gift cards are always a viable solution – that way, you don’t have to spend weeks looking for the perfect present, but leave the choice to your favorite geek.

Moreover, look into Steam gift cards, too, and provide them with endless hours of video games during winter holidays.

The Collectible Geek

If your friends like collectibles, but you don’t think bobble heads are suitable for them, you can go bigger and get some of the other popular choices such as the Darth Vader helmet, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, Fallout’s Vault Boy figure, etc.

All of these will show that you are aware of your geek’s obsessions and accept them as an integral part of their personalities. And your life will be so much easier after that!

The Book Geek

Book Geek

Image source:

Rory Gilmore can’t be the only book geek around you – there must be more of them, and they are spreading rapidly! If your friends love nothing more than a good book, you should buy them a bookish Christmas gift.

Luckily, the options are limitless, from a leather-bound first edition of their favorite novel, to clothing items featuring lines from their favorite poem. There’s no way you can go wrong with these.

The Other Geeks

Naturally, these are not the only geeks out there and all of them need Christmas gifts as well. Halloween costumes, beer mugs, earrings and playing cards are much appreciated, as long as they’re modelled after your geek’s interests and preferences.

Top 10 Gifts To Make The Kids Christmas


Christmas is coming closer every day. And with it comes the phrase that gives toy shop keepers across the country a cold sweat – “Must Have Toy.”

We all remember the past ones. Parents queued round the block to get their hands on a Cabbage Patch kid. Children around the country were inconsolable when they discovered their local store had run out of Buzz Light years and more technical teens were disappointed to find no Nintendo Wii nestled under the Christmas tree.

But what will it be this year? What should you be running out to get before the Christmas rush strips them all from the shelves? We’ve hand-picked the best that the toy world has to offer, so you can stay on top of the Christmas shopping this year.

Let’s Rock Elmo

Remember ‘Elmo Live!’ from back in 2008? He was a ‘Must Have Toy’ that year, and with good reason. His lifelike capering was truly magical and kids loved him. Now, Elmo’s turned to the dark side and he’s ready to rawk!

Complete with a selection of rocking instruments, he’s ready to jam. He’s also got a pretty awesome rock T-shirt to boot. He knows what instrument he’s got and plays the right music. Without a doubt, Elmo is taking the top spot again this year!

Moshi Monsters

The number one social networking online game for kids, Moshi Monsters, is so popular that 2 out of every 3 kids in the country are signed up. This Christmas, their favorite Characters are here in Plush form.

Think of them in the same way as Angry Birds. The game is brilliant, everyone’s played it and now there are plush toys available. Moshi Monsters are adorable misfit companions for your children.

Every kid on this network will want to have their very own cuddly version of the monsters they love. This puts the Moshi Monster plushes in at number 2.


Remember ‘Simon Says’? Well this quick0thinking game is a little like Simon Says mixed with Bop It. It’s a tower that looks like two E’s back to back.

The idea of the game is to pass your hand through each of the loops in the sequence Loopz shows you. There are seven different games to play; ‘Repeat the Beat’, ‘Reflex Master’, ‘Rythm & Flow’, ‘Musicology’, ‘Freestyle DJ’, ‘Music Studio’ and ‘Versus’. It’s one of those addictive games that’s going to be an absolute hit come Christmas day. Loopz is our number 3.

Bieber Doll

There’s no denying Justin Bieber is here to stay. Since his youtube crooning was picked up by some of the biggest music industry bods, Bieber has found himself plummeted into the spotlight and loved by millions of tweens around the world.

He’s not got his sights set on the Christmas number 1 this year, but he is our number 4! His new singing doll, ‘Baby’, doesn’t just have his trademark boyish good looks, oh no, he sings too! What more do you need?


The biggest movie of 2011 was, without a doubt, the finale of the most celebrated literary franchise of all time. Harry Potter’s adventure came to a dramatic close and now kids across the country will want to recreate the magic themselves.

The new Lego Hogwarts kit is number 5 on our Christmas list this year. Even the big kids want to create their own Hogwarts battle.

Air Swimmers

Duuuh dun. Duuuh dun, Look our behind you it’s a great white! Everybody out of the wate- uh, air? Yes, the great white has found a way to survive in the air. Well, it hasn’t really but that would have made for a great Jaws sequel.

This helium shark swims through the air; he’s remote control and moves with such careful ease that it looks totally realistic. If you’re a little wary of sharks – and who wouldn’t be after that awful head came out of the boat in ‘Jaws’, there’s a clownfish option too.

The air swimmers are our number 6 this year and we can’t wait to wake the kids up on Christmas day with a giant shark in their bedroom.

Leap Pad

While many of us may be yearning for an iPad this year, the kids will want their own gadget. The folks at the learning-tech company, LeapFrog have obliged us this year with their very own Apple competitor. The LeapFrog LeapPad has loads of different ways to play and learn.

Keeping the kids entertained on Christmas day (and for ages after) are over 100 games, apps, videos and e-books. Let’s face it, that’s pretty much what we were going to use our iPad for anyway. In at number 7 this year, the LeapPad.

Fijit Friends

Apparently created when “a gooey science experiment was brought to life by the power of music.” Really they’re just supercute, soft & squidgy, dancey best friend. She says so many things and responds to so much of your own speech that you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s real.

Remember Furbys, another “must have” from a few years ago, the Fijit Friends make Furbys look like unanimated stuffed toys in comparison. Fijit friends are your kid’s new BFF which puts them in at number 8.

Sonic Screwdriver Set

We all love Dr Who and his nail-biting intergalactic adventures. This kit is the best way to recreate his capers at home. This sonic screwdriver set contains parts from 3 different sonic screwdrivers so you can create your own.

There are over 80 possible unique screwdrivers in this set alone so maybe the kids should work with the big kids on Christmas day to make their very own sonic screwdrivers! Coming in at number 8, the Sonic Screwdriver set is going to be under many a tree come Christmas day.


He’s a secret agent from the hit movie, Cars 2. McMissile isn’t just any talking car. He has his own secret missiles that really fire.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s voiced by the one and only Michael Caine! Thrilling transformations, sound effects and super secret weapons are all part of the package which makes McMissile our number 10 Christmas gift for 2011.

So there’s Prezzybox’s top 10 must have Christmas gifts for 2011. Now go out and get yours before they’re all gone!

Christmas Gifts for Women On The Go


Some people are just always busy — never with any time for idle hobbies or pastimes — and buying Christmas gifts for women in this frenetic state can be a pain in the neck. Everyone knows what to get a girl who has a defined spare-time activity. But when it comes to women on the go, another blouse or cellphone cover won’t cut it – you need to get below the surface.

No one can give you a magic bullet that will slay the ‘Christmas gifts for women on the go’ monster, but if you pay attention to your woman and this list, you will find something that inspires you. Meditate, clear your mind of all thought except her, and look at this as if she was reading it — she’ll tell you when you get to the one she wants.

  • Practicality. Beauty. Ease. It’s hard to go wrong with a set of roll-up ballet flats. After a long day at the office or night at the club, those stilettos just kill — but roll-up ballet flats (which some in a wide variety of brand names) are right there to take the pressure off, literally.
    Available in every basic color to match any outfit, they almost always come with a pouch which not only carries the rolled-up flats, but can expand to carry the shoes you take off.
    These make excellent Christmas gifts for women on the go if for no other reason than that they’ll have the perfect chance to test them out on New Years Eve!
  • Even women on the go have a sentimental side, even if they don’t have a lot of time to explore it in depth. For that reason, hiring a professional scrapbooker and going through the old photos to put together a top-notch photo album is almost always a winning bet.
    It might take a bit of secrecy to keep them from figuring out what happened to the old photos (or why you want them, if you don’t know where they are!), but on the list of Christmas gifts for women on the go, this one is way worth the effort.
  • They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but that’s just an advertising campaign. In reality, any jewelry will be a loyal companion for your on-the-go lady. Just make sure you match her complexion, eyes, sense of style, and favorite colors of dress.

    Jewelry is one of those classic gifts that has a use for any woman, makes her feel special and pretty, and it’s not all that difficult to pull off. There may be other Christmas gifts for women to enjoy on a deeper, more personal level, but in reality, most will take jewelry as a sign that you’re trying really hard, which is worth a lot.
  • Finally, the blasphemer’s Christmas gift for women on the go: time off. Arrange for a spa day, a short cruise, or some other meaningful activity that you can go together and do privately.
    They might not want to break their cycle of activity, but when they finally get a dose of the slower life, they’ll love it…for a few days. Then, you can get back to the grind with a renewed sense of self and togetherness, and life will be good.

Despite your frustrations and fears, the perfect Christmas gifts for women on the go are in fact out there. If you’re not finding them, maybe you’re not looking in the right places. Try a professional like Gift Idea Master; if this list didn’t inspire you, their collection of amazing gift ideas most certainly will!

More Women Gifts:

Most Popular Christmas Gifts

Choosing a Christmas gift for your loved one can be a challenging thing especially if you do not have a wide variety of ideas to choose from. It is however an enjoyable journey when you have many options like what we offer you. We have all types of most popular Christmas gifts for all classes of people.


If you are looking for an ideal and inexpensive gift for a woman, man or even a kid, then we offer you a wide range of choices that you will find enjoyable and affordable.

Our gifts range from Christmas clothing to mobile phones all coming in different colors and designs to suit all your gift criteria. Browse through and get what will make your loved one happy during the season.

It is always a great idea to pair a gift with business Christmas cards and greetings.

Most Popular Christmas Gifts: Men | Women | Kids | Teens | Teacher

Popular Christmas Gifts For Women:

It depends on how close you are to these women. For mom you might get her something personal like a certificate for a spa day, for sister you might get her something that might remind her of her childhood. For a girlfriend or wife you would get something romantic and intimate. Some ideas are:
  • Kindle Reader
  • Makeup
  • Perfumes
  • Jewelry
  • Laptop
  • Sleek Stylish Watch
  • Trendy Branded Purse
  • Clothes
  • Cookbook

Popular Christmas Gifts For Kids:

Some most popular Christmas gifts for your sweet kids like balls, coloring books, crayons, blocks, checkers, playing card, aquadoodle, Crayola glow dome, trucks, matchbox cars, remote control cars, remote control planes, action figures, nerf guns, legos, board games, dvds (Santa Buddies, Cars, Aliens& Montsters, Alvin and the Chimpmunks, etc), toy tool set, train, hula hoops, saucer sleds, balls, frisbees, jump ropes, slinkys, stuffed animals, craft kits and many more.

Popular Christmas Gifts For Teen:

Clothes from your favorite stores, perfume, makeup stuff, jewelery, tote bag, wallet, flip flops, a barbie doll, phone, camera, iPod, itunes, new sports bag, Cd’s, gift card to Claire’s, movie ticket to favorite movie, a night at the skating rink, chocolate, xbox 360, etc.

Popular Christmas Gifts For Teacher:

Some gift ideas for teacher are gift certificates of a book store, gourmet coffee or tea, candle, picture frame, nice cookies, barnes and noble gift card, coffee mugs, ornaments, a basket with pens, pencils, erasers and other small classroom items, gift baskets, a painting, handicraft piece, etc. Popular gifts from Amazon:

More Useful Ideas For Christmas Gifts:

Top Christmas Gifts for Women

Women are relatively easy to shop for, particularly during the Christmas season. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a woman in your life, there are many choices. Whether you want something truly unique or you simply need advice on the top Christmas gifts for women, you will find the stores absolutely overflowing with ideas.

Gifts for Women

If the woman on your Christmas list has a hobby then a sure fire pleasing gift is something that relates to that hobby. If she knits, then consider buying her various knitting needles, yarn or a collection of unique patterns.

If she is a career oriented lady then a leather briefcase or something for the office will make a good gift. Overall, you should always try to purchase a woman something that she has an interest in and something that reflects part of her own unique personality.

When all else fails, perfume is always a wonderful gift. Perfume makes the top Christmas gifts for women every single year. Whether she likes a light scent or an overwhelming fragrance, there are many choices.

Consider giving her a collection of her favorite scents or a set with perfume, bath oils, lotions and other treats. Perfume is always a good choice for any woman. Along the same lines, jewelry is a favorite of most women as well. You simply can never go wrong when you purchase jewelry for a woman as Christmas gifts or any other special occasion.

There are many jewelry designers today and a wide variety of choices with regards to rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Most women will purchase their own fashion jewelry throughout the year but simply never spend the money on real quality jewelry, which makes jewelry a top choice for any woman for Christmas.

Kitchen goodies are also a wonderful choice as top Christmas gifts for women . Most women like to cook or bake and kitchen appliances or other equipment is an excellent idea particularly for those who truly enjoy their time in the kitchen. There are several new kitchen gadgets on the market this year from cappuccino makers to mixers.

Find out just what she really needs to make her kitchen time easier and give it to her for Christmas. She may even bake you up a treat as a thank you. Shopping for the special women on your Christmas list does not have to be difficult. Simply take into account her own likes and you will find the perfect gift.

More Useful Gift Ideas For Christmas:

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2016

giftIt will soon be time to begin shopping for those on your Christmas list if you have not begun already. When choosing the perfect gifts for those you love, a little help is always a blessing.

Every year there are lists of the top 10 Christmas gifts that help many to find the perfect present for those on their lists.

Most companies offer holiday packaging on the top gifts that makes giving them even more fun.

Here are the top 10 Christmas gifts for this 2016 holiday season:

1. Amazon Kindle
– The Kindle was very popular last year and has held its popularity over for this year. This is an amazing little gadget and is the perfect gift for those who read a lot. You can purchase a Kindle from a variety of online retailers and will find that they vary in price.

2. Xbox 360
– The Xbox 360 is another hold over from last year’s top 10 list. These game systems are fun for the entire family. With the addition of several new games, including the Wii Fit, many families are looking forward to Christmas just to find one under their tree.

3. iPods/iPhones – Apple iPods are simply going to be popular gifts until the end of time. There are so many applications available to go along with the iPod that it is a gift that keeps on giving. Newer editions are much sleeker and more attractive than last year’s models and this makes the perfect gift for music lovers.

4. Digital Camera
– There are many, many new digital cameras on the market this year. Nikon, Canon, Kodak and Fuji all have very professional looking models available and many are well below $500. If you know someone who truly loves to take photographs or perhaps a new parent or grandparent who needs to capture pictures of baby, a digital camera is the perfect Christmas gift.

5. Laptop/Notebook
There are many Laptop/Notebook in the market. The most popular one is Apple MacBook Pro newest model. You may also like MOTOROLA XOOM Android or Toshiba, HP.

6. Gift cards
If you have someone on your list that is hard to buy for then get them a gift cards to a favorite restaurant or store.

7. Cell Phones
– With the many new designs of cell phones, these are very popular gifts this year, particularly for teenagers and preteens. From the SmartPhone to the BlackBerry, your choices are unlimited. Throw a good usage plan in and you have the perfect gift.

8. Jewelry
Jewelry is another most popular gifts for Christmas. You may like Diamond Heart Necklace, Bracelets, Key chain, Earrings, and many more for her or him.

9. Clothing
Clothes are usually very popular Christmas gifts for men, women, and kids.

10. Vacation
A vacation package is a very popular Christmas gift particularly among couples. You can surprise the one you love with a week in Hawaii or any other destination of your choice.

More Useful Christmas Gifts Ideas:

2016 Christmas Gifts for Women

Christmas Womanjpg

Most men spend months before the holidays searching for the best Christmas gifts for women. This is a pattern that has gone on for decades. The simple truth is that women love virtually anything that they receive as Christmas gifts, particularly if the gift matches her personality. Most women enjoy perfume and jewelry but there are often times when you need something a bit more specific than merely her favorite bottle of perfume.

One of the best Christmas gifts for women, and one that they are sure to adore, is a spa robe. These are luxurious and soft and are guaranteed to make any woman feel like a queen. If the thick cotton is not normally her cup of tea then you could try a satin robe instead.

Following are the top Christmas Gifts for Women 2016:

More Useful Gift Ideas For Christmas:

Of course, if this is a woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with and plan to marry then a diamond engagement ring would make the perfect gift for christmas for her. If you are not proposing or if you are already married then choose diamond earrings or a diamond pendant. You simply cannot go wrong when you buy a woman diamonds. Also keep in mind other beautiful gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. You could also choose a ring or earrings with her birthstone.

Gourmet food baskets are all the rage lately and make wonderful and one of the top Christmas gifts for women. Whatever her personal tastes you are sure to find a basket that includes many of her favorites. If she enjoys cooking or baking, consider an herb garden or some hard to find seasonings. When you think food the possibilities are endless. Gourmet bath baskets are a good idea as well. Although you cannot eat these, they will certainly help her to relax after a long day at work. Choose baskets that include some of her favorite scents. If you pair the basket with the spa robe you just may have the best gift ever.

It goes without saying that an Amazon Kindle would make the best Christmas gift for  woman in your life. This is a great gift for women who love to read but simply do not want to carry books around with the all of the time. This wireless reading device has made several top shopping lists in the past year and with the wireless options that are now available, it would make the perfect gift for any woman.

Check out more gift ideas in below:

Diamond Ring

Wrist Watch


Camera Bags

Straightener Kit

Phone Case

Detox Ionic Foot Bath