Buying Wine Gifts Online: What To Look For

Wine Gifts

Unless you live close enough to a famous wine area like Napa or Sonoma, buying wine gifts online is probably your best option for satisfying the vinophile in your life. The biggest problem with buying wine gifts online — the shipping costs — can be fairly handily ameliorated if you’re willing to shop around a bit, making the Internet your best source for wine-based gifts of all kinds.

There are a myriad of things that you might consider when looking for a gift for a vinophile. If you’re finding yourself unable to choose, perhaps you’re suffering from ‘analysis paralysis’ — the mental block caused by overthinking your situation. Have a glass of wine, it helps. Finding the best wine gifts online is just a matter of knowing what to look for.

Buying Wine Gifts Online: Wine Itself

Sometimes, obvious is best, and nothing is more obvious than giving wine to a wine lover. Whether they love it dry or sweet, fruity or nutty, red, white, pink, or dessert, there are wine gifts online that are perfect for them.

And if you don’t know what they like, but you know they love wine, making a gift out of something like a wine-of-the-month club will expose them to new vintages (and give you the information you’ll need for next year’s gift!)

Buying Wine Gifts Online: Merchandise

You’d be stunned at how easy it is to find silly wine-themed stuff, from earrings to shoelaces, with a brief check around the Internet. You don’t want to go to far with this kind of stuff unless you’re dealing with a serious wine junkie, but it can be fun occasionally or as an adjunct to other wine gifts.

Online, just search for Wine Related Gifts, and see how many silly things pop up to tickle your funnybone.

Buying Wine Gifts Online: Affiliated Minor Paraphernalia

There’s a lot of stuff out there that’s meant to improve your ability to enjoy your wine. Decanters help wine breathe, but if you can’t wait or just prefer a more modern approach, you can use a wine aerator.

There are corkscrews, bottle stoppers to help preserve wine once you’ve taken the cork out, and even little vacuum pumps to maintain your wine’s freshness for weeks after they’ve been opened.

Of all the places to buy these supplementary wine gifts, online is again the best for two reasons: first, you can easily compare dozens of variations of the same kind of item side-by-side, and second, you can often order several complimentary items at once as a ‘basket’ and get a discount.

Buying Wine Gifts Online: Wine Related Appliances

Wine related appliances can range from the simple and inexpensive yet mystifying gravity-proof wine bottle holder to the N*Finity 100 Multi-Temp Wine Cellar with glass doors and hardwood racks — that’ll set you back nearly two thousand dollars. In between are spinning bottle chillers, wine credenzas, and much more.

If you’re just starting your search to find some killer wine gifts online, I’d suggest starting at Gift Idea Master; they’ve got dozens of great wine-themed gift ideas and great prices besides.

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