The Best Brands for Fashion-Forward People

We are all likely to know a person that likes to be bold when it comes to their taste in fashion, and it most cases it can be very difficult to get them a gift that you know they will like.

However, if you’re in the know about which brands are best for producing this niche type of fashionable clothing, then you can be assured that you can get them a gift that they will wear and not return the first chance they get!

Brands for Fashion

BOY London

The BOY London clothing brand is one of the freshest and trendiest around – and is guaranteed to be part of any fashion conscious persons’ wardrobe. Their recognisable Eagle logo is seen all of their main items and this adds the distinct character to their clothing.

Since it was founded in 1976 the clothing they produce has been all about edginess and attitude and it has been worn by a massively diverse range of people varying from punks, to Madonna, to Justin Bieber. This has made their clothes popular with all types of people who want to make a statement about being different and bold.

Criminal Damage

The urban and hip items on offer from Criminal Damage have become very popular with the younger generation because of the unique designs and youthful styles seen with their clothing.

Across their men’s and women’s ranges they have a wide variety of casual clothing and footwear that is designed towards with the younger person in mind.

For example, they hoodies that have trendy holes in them, camo designed leggings and suede caps – which makes them a wonderful choice for a fashion-forward person who wants the perfect blend of style and grittiness.

Papaya Clothing

Papaya Clothing is a chic online retailer that sells women’s clothing that offers clothes and accessories which is aimed solely at 16-25 year olds.

Their collection includes tops, dresses, sandals, swimwear and active wear – which are all common items, but with Papaya they are all designed with a little twist that makes them different to how these items usually look.

This makes them ideal choices when you are gifting someone that likes the typical clothing items but wants a design that is more exclusive.

Forever 21

Forever 21 has become one of the top speciality retailers in the world. Their speciality revolves around their women’s clothing which follow a very unique design.

For illustration, someone wearing clothes from Forever 21 might be seen wearing a large fur overcoat with a rainbow sequin dress underneath.

So if you know a girl who likes to turn heads because of their outfit, then Forever 21 is certainly the choice for them.

Urban Outfitters

Ask any 16 to 25-year-old about Urban Outfitters and it is a guarantee they would have heard of the clothing brand.

The popularity of this retail store is huge amongst the younger generation because of the famous brand names they have on offer in the store – including Levi’s, Adidas Originals and numerous pieces of merchandise from musicians.

There certainly isn’t a shortage of gifts for any fashion conscious person, and you can take your pick from a wide variety of choices in their specialised gift section.

MAC Cosmetics

Mainly for women, having their make-up done to a high standard is vital to their outfit being complete. MAC has been around for 32 years and it has now come to the forefront of the fashion world with it being the make-up brand used backstage at the numerous fashion weeks which take place around the world.

Therefore, if you are wanting to gift a fashion forward person make-up then there are certainly no choices which are better than Mac.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret is a female underwear store that has come to the forefront of the fashion market over the past few years and it has changed the dynamics for all underwear stores.

They focus on high-end lingerie, but they also sell a number of beauty products, along with a specialised section dedicated to gifts.

All of this makes them the go-to for any partner looking to purchase their other half some trendy underwear that will be in tone with their fashionable wardrobe.