5 Best Flowers to Make Your More Beautiful

Flowers have always played a major role in decorating our special days. Many of you are also aware that flowers also have a great role to play in our beauty regimen. Most of the beauty products are made with extracts from certain flowers. But you can enjoy better results if you use these flowers directly and naturally. Take a look below and apply these tips in your daily routine and become more beautiful.

Rose: This is the most popular flower of the world for its soothing fragrance and intense beauty. From online flower shops in Hong Kong, you can get it as a gift for someone close. You must have crossed poetic lines where the lips of a woman is compared with a rose petal. Actually rose works great for a beautiful lip. Take some red rose petals and crush that and mix with a few drops of honey. Apply this paste on your lips for a week and see the change. Rose petals can be made into a paste along with some milk and honey and this would be a great weekend face pack that would make your face supple and brighter.

Hibiscus: Since ages, hibiscus has been regarded as a great hair conditioner. You would require 10-15 hibiscus flower petals which you have to boil in a pan. Now, cool down the water and rinse your hair with this water after shampoo. The hair loss would be gone and hair would become shinier. Follow this regimen for twice a week to see a change.

Jasmine: This is one of the best flowers whose fragrance is really captivating. Those who have a dry skin would get better benefits from these petals. Add a few drops of coconut oil to jasmine petals and apply that over your skin and see the glow. In case you suffer from wrinkles that would also go away.

Chamomile: You must start growing this plant in your home to extract maximum benefit out of it. It would work as a beauty agent and also as a sleep inducing element. You can make tea out of it to improve your digestion. Talking on beauty tips, you have to take some dried chamomile petals and mix with lemon juice and raw milk. Apply this face pack and keep it for 5-10 minutes and get rid of blackheads and pigments.

Lavender: Many of our talcum powder contains lavender which not only has a great fragrance but also some soothing qualities. The most important aspect is the skin lightening property. All you have to do is boil some of the petals in plain water. Strain the water and then add some oats powder to prepare a fine paste. Keep the pack for at least 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. A ravishing skin would woo others for sure.