40th Birthday Gifts For Men Who Have It All


It can be a tender time in the life of a woman — but finding 40th birthday gifts for men is relatively easy. Even men who have it all still don’t REALLY have it all, and because it’s a milestone, and it’s a man, there’s an obvious opportunity for mockery and fun. Even more formal, classy men appreciate ‘unusual’ 40th birthday gifts. For men, it’s not about poignancy and memories, it’s about celebrating the parts of their lives that they enjoy.

As a child, parties are all about us. When we get to be teenagers, parties become all about trying to connect with our peers — usually of the opposite sex. In our twenties, parties become less frequent (or constant, in the case of some fraternities) — but in either case, it becomes less about individualism and more about the group. As we evolve into parents, our own parties are completely supplanted by parties on our children’s behalves. But the big Four-Oh is different. 40th birthday parties mark a return to gleeful self-centeredness, and 40th birthday gifts for men who are enjoying that return should reflect that in spades.

With everything from seventeen-week-old Happy Meals to jars of sunshine being put up for sale on Ebay or other Internet hot spots, it’s impossible NOT to find great 40th birthday gifts for men if you’re persistent and creative. Here are some gifts with a unique flair that make them perfect for a 40th birthday:

  • Adopt-a-Donkey
  • Donate a Heifer to An African Family (no, literally)
  • Buy a Star and Name it Yourself
  • Buy an Acre of Land on the Moon
  • Buy a single Stock from a Favorite Company
  • Buy a Gift Certificate for a Sixth Sense Computer (when they finally post the instructions on how to build one.)

Of course, today’s 40-year-olds were the children in the 70s, and retro 40th birthday gifts for men who are just starting to relive their childhoods are big hits. Etch-a-sketch, old school Star Wars toys, Capsela, Rebound, View-Masters, and of course Tinkertoys are all surefire hits for these ‘rejuveniles’. Another easy one: retro candy. From saltwater taffy to root beer barrels to Bazooka Joe, retro candy makes great 40th birthday gifts for men with a four-decade-old sweet tooth.

Another excellent way to please any 40 year old boy is with some sort of happy occasion, particularly if there’s a cool vehicle involved. A helicopter tour of a nearby wilderness, a Segway tour of a nearby city, or a Snuba tour of a nearby tropical reef are all excellent choices. It’s hard to go wrong when you’re combining beauty, people-moving technology, and a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that’s hard to forget.

Of course, sometimes no inspiration you come across seems right. Those are the times when you have to turn to an expert, or at least go out on a limb so random it doesn’t seem likely to bear any fruit. The best 40th birthday gifts for men are borne of an inspiration so unusual that it can’t be described as anything except “an idea”. If no ideas are occurring to you, try poking around at a place like A Creative Expression, where they collect and organize ideas for you.